Brothersfree have released through HotToys the 14" figure of Brothersworker Big Mac. If you haven't seen a Brothersfree figure up close, I can assure you the details are incredible. The stylistic character features, the tiny BF logo/brand detailing, the fine stitching on the clothing, the immaculate packaging all sets the standard when if comes to big figure delivery. Brothersfree the trio are currently in a period of rest with each member taking some time off to establish themselves as independent artists. Kenny Wong, William Tsang and Winson Ma will still be active in the toy world. Kenny Wong plans to work on this own toy designs, adopting a different style compared to Brothersworker. The style is based on a "weird" theme and will be named "K-toys". Kenny says in the past 3 years they have been working really hard, so he wants to take some rest and do his K-toys series casually. Wilson Ma will release some of his own figures, plus take the chance to catch up on developing ongoing personal work as well as releasing a book. William Tsang really wants take a break!!! Over the past 3 years he has been working non -stop on the various Brothersfree projects. At the same time will continue to manage the production and releases of future Brothersfree products. He plans on adopting a fairy tale style and theme for his own toy development. Brotherfree will continue to operate, but it will be more casual than before. If you thought that their releases were never as frequent as the new wave of vinyl then you'd be right. But they stake their claim as leading edge designers with the incredible attention to detail which takes a lot of hard work to get right, a long time to develop and a lengthy production process! VA wishes the Brothersfree trio all the best with their independent work and a prosperous future as independent artists and as the collective that set the standard.