Berlin was home to an international convergence of conference speakers and eager attendees. Pictoplasma's 2nd Conference was held from 11th to the 14th October. Among the speakers were the world's elite character designers and illustration artists. From the gentle ambience of Nathan Jerevicius to the hypnotic performance of Friends With You, all proved to be informative and inspiring. The Conference kicked off with the "Character Walk" a tour of 30 exhibitions in galleries around Berlin. Amongst the highlights were: Pimp My Doll. A collection of one off plush characters stuffed with attitude! The show originates from France and is a cornucopia of hand crafted artwork. Doma. Fantastically simple and so funny - an battle between two giant plush figures with video art face projections. The rambling, nonsensical voices rumbled through the small space - shouting, laughing and crying. It wasn't clear which was the good guy and which was the bad guy... as if it matters! Tim Biskup. It's a rare chance to see Tim's paintings up close. The the richness of colour and detail are a must see to appreciate what this artist is all about. The work in the show Vapors is wondrous and intriguing. Tim shared an exhibition space with Gary Baseman - who displayed a congregation of Toby's praising a giant six armed Toby God. Nanospore. LA's Nanospore duo of Paul Hwang and Ben Lee arrived on their first ever European adventure with their giant Nano-bean filling their exhibition space. Other work included a collage of adapted record sleeves and a small display of prints. Nathan Jerevicius. A ring of Bunny Guru brought the world of Scary Girl to life. Nathan's work has progressed to a more expressionistic array of characters and natural forms. Perfectly situated in a fairy tale like building.