Another night, another book launch - 2 in a row can't be bad. I think the previous night's excesses caught up with me today, so RackGaki's launch event was a more sober affair. The exhibition accompanies the publication of the first book on Japanese graffiti, RackGaki, by Ryo Sanda and Suridh Hassan. This is the first book devoted to the Japanese scene. The exhibition at StolenSpace also features work by other artists in the book and a screening of the accompanying DVD. Japan’s two leading Graffiti artists’ KRESS and ESOW had flown over from Tokyo and created a wall piece - the centrepiece of the exhibition. In addition to the graffiti piece, there were some hot canvases, a collection of limited addition screen prints and plenty of copies of the fine publication to buy at a very reasonable rate! The space was packed out, mainly due to the rainy spell outside, but also due to the eager crowd wanting to get a taste of Asian Street Art. Then it was on to Holic at AKA to top up my alcohol level... "I really don't see it as a problem Trisha/Jeremy Kyle/Oprah/Judge Judy". The tobacco problem though.. yeah that's killing me *cough*!