Captain Jack Dunny by Okkle You might call this a shameless self-plug on my behalf but as it's for charity I figured you wouldn't object ;) Okkle's "Captain Jack" 3" custom Dunny is up for all to bid on the ol' bay of e. He was created to raise some money for a small animal sanctuary in Newport, Wales where I used to study called 'All Creatures Great And Small', registerred charity no. 1088244. He is based on a real life rabbit (who I named Captain Jack! Hurrah for pirates!) who was dumped at the sanctuary one day by a breeder because he had too many spots for his breed, since then he has been living happily in the sanctuary with his fluffy bunny firends! ^_^ The sanctuary does a lot of good work and I'm very happy to help support them in every way I can so please if you are interested in helping, or just like the Dunny, head over to the 'bay now. 100% profit goes to the charity, I will be taking nothing from this. Now let's all hear it for fluffy rabbits, pirates and Dunnys! Yarrr!!!