Vinyl Abuse Community

As you (probably) already know, the forum has been down for a little over a week now and we've been attempting to fix the problem during that time but have instead opted to import all users and posts over to a new forum system.
We are now working on integrating a whole new experience for Vinyl Abuse users which will be the all new "VinylAbuse: Community" "VinylAbuse: Community" Features:
  • Extensive forum system - user reputation system, ranking, custom titles, chatroom etc.. (new features/plugins to be added)
  • User Profiles - Facebook/Myspace-like users profiles with customizable styles, friends lists, personal music players and photo galleries.
  • User Blogs - Personal blogs for each user that are directly tied to profiles and may be chosen to be featured on forum navbar and the future VA homepage.
  • Advertising - Got a toy, project, shop, website that you'd like to advertise? Well with the future community you'll be able to get the word out with banner ads and the option of having a featured blog with related news.
We're working hard on bringing you a better VinylAbuse and an awesomely improved community/hub for Vinyl, Art and Design enthusiasts to get together.  Hopefully you'll stick along for the ride. :D Stu aka UnsungZero, VA Team