Finally the day I and hopefully many others have been waiting for has arrived. When PatchTogether first appeared many people were sceptical whether or not they would ever release a toy. Once prototype photos were shown people were still asking if they would be around long enough to have a full release. Two toys are now available for purchase though PatchTogether (Slimeball and Yeti Guy/Girl) but today we will be reviewing the Yeti Girl by Nevermore due to the fact the guys at PT were kind enough to send us one to play with. At first I was unsure about what to expect from the quality but the color is smooth and rich, the sculpt is spotless and other than a little stiffness in the arm movement it is a well made piece. And let's face it why would you want it in any position other than this anyway. I was also quite impressed with the packaging. Each toy comes with a little thank you card which is always a nice touch. As a whole I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of this toy. It's a strong toy from this, as of yet, fledgling company. It will be interesting to see how the PatchTogether experiment progresses with age. P.s. If you preorder the full set of three before the end of the month you will receive a free Yeti Tee or Tank.
How to receive your free Yeti Tee/Tanks
Preorder Yeti Guy Set from now before arrival, and forward your order confirmation email to with your size preferences. Please label the email subject; I want my Yeti Tee/Tanks!