TOY2R is pleased to announce the release of two amazing collections of 8" Qees. Hans Yim of APW and Evil Ape artist MCA have created two series of customized original 8" DIY QEES available for a limited time.

Each collection consist of 90 original hand-finished customize QEES. Hans Yim, known for his "drip" technique, has a huge array of colors in his collection while artist MCA elected to create 90 original stenciled QEES. No two QEES in either collection are alike. Each is an original and they are all now available for immediate shipping. For only $80 plus $20 shipping (from Hong Kong) - these original pieces of art can be obtained - but only while supplies last. At 90 piece each - don't expect either collection to last long. To order, email and request either: QEE-080-0189 - MCA 8" DIY CUSTOM QEE-080-0190 - HANS YIM 8" DIY CUSTOM