WEEK TEN begins as the massive 15 Weeks to Celebrate 15 Years Contest continues with more FREE TOYS to give out to a lucky winner. From the company who has been Putting Art In Your Hands for 15 Years, Toy2R continues to give back to the fans and collectors who made us what we are today, so thank you!

If you haven’t done so, there is still time to be a winner. Simply go to the Toy2R USA Facebook Fan Page and post a comment or image and you’re entered for a chance to win. We accept any posts about how you got into Toy2R, why you like us or how Qees changed your life. We also accept photos of your Toy2R collection, customized Qees or dioramas showing off your filming talents – just about anything to make you a winner. (Limit 5 posts per week will be accepted / Sorry “LIKES” are not accepted as entries)

This week Toy2R explores the world of color with this major milestone tenth week giveaway.