Squiddles was founded upon the love and loss of Illustrator Matt Daniels’ girlfriend Emma Wilkinson. After the huge success of the first annual Squiddles Charity event, Matt has launched Squiddles onto a new platform in the form of a clothing brand. The brand itself will host charity shows and various events through out the year as well as the yearly event in memory of Emma.

VA: Last year you held the hugely successful Squiddles Exhibition, can we expect more exhibitions/events in the future?

Matt: Before the Squiddles Exhibition last year, I never thought it’d do as well as it has, raising almost £2,000 for charity in the space of a few months was an incredible achievement and I want to continue this for years to come. With the brand gaining popularity from around the country and even around the world, I’m hoping that with the brands success over the coming months, we can raise a lot more money for charity when we do these events, such as the exhibition in September.

VA: You recently launched the Squiddles brand and have support from some great artists and bands, can you reveal any of the upcoming stuff for us to look forward to?

Matt: I can’t reveal everything planned for the year or that would be telling ;) However, I can tell you that we’re teaming up with a huge brand in the near future to hold a joint charity show which we’re hoping will be off the hook! We’ve got plans and ideas of our own ‘Squiddles Presents’ tour of the bands who we sponsor as well as art shows with some top illustrators and designers the world has to offer.

VA: Besides the t-shirts what else do you have planned for Squiddles?

Matt: When I started Squiddles, I wanted to make it as a purely T-Shirt based company, the platform to host my artwork and sell them on T-Shirts was a great idea however, I want to expand it over a lot of different things from T-Shirts, to sweaters, skateboard decks as well as snapback caps and other items! We’ve got big ideas and big plans which we’re working on!

VA: What other projects are you working on that you can share with us?

Matt: I’m currently managing a few different projects myself with Squiddles, The Lowry’s new DIGIT festival as well as some sneaky projects with some clothing companies and huge international bands, however a lot of my time right now is being focused into Squiddles. I earn money from freelance work and my job as a designer which then I put back into Squiddles.

VA: Who/What are your biggest inspirations in the illustration/t-shirt world?

Matt: I have so many influences and inspirations, a lot of the illustrations and work I produce comes from other brands such as Drop Dead Clothing and artists such as 123KLAN, Ben Normanton and The Tree House Press. There’s so many I can’t remember who they are! I just find artwork I like and work off it, gain inspiration and go from there.

VA: Time for a token VA non-related question.. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Matt: This is a super hard question to answer! I think I’d actually like the power to predict current trends are growing and working! That way, I can keep on top of the ball and I’d make a killing, haha! It’s a weird power, but it has some seriously good potential ;)

VA: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and we wish you every success with Squiddles.

Matt: Thank you very much for the interview, it was a pleasure! Keep an eye out soon for more Squiddles releases and up coming projects!