We’ve just found out about an ultra exciting exhibition being held by Rumpus AnimationSquidballs!

There will be 2 exhibitions, the first will be in Osaka at the Loop A Gallery on the 28th June – 1st July with the second taking place in Tokyo at the Irie Yawd Gallery in Harajuku from Friday July 6th – July 8th, so if you’re one of our Japanese readers or heading over to Japan, be sure to check it out!


The exhibition will include  plenty of work from Rumpus Animation such as music videos, short-films and character animation. There will also be character designs and illustrations on display from collaborations with designers including Matthew the Horse, Jon Boam, Kate Hindley, Peskimo and Le JamBonBon!

Fancy adding to your collection? Good news there will be loads of prints, original paintings, limited edition books & zines, t-shirts, post-cards and toys available to buy.

Not only will you be able to buy a whole hoard of goods but Seb from Rumpus will be at the shows doing live drawing, chatting and handing out sweets!