New Release: Squadt – CHIPP s004 and BOOMER

We’ve got some great news and that is the guys over at Project Squadt have a new release and it’s definitely a stunner! Here you’ll get two pieces Chipp & Boomer and a whole bunch of accessories, one of the best parts is boomers head which opens up to reveal two pipe bombs!! I’m really liking the desert camo colour scheme used on these guys.

CHIPP s004 and BOOMER [FORT BURNOUT-DSRT]: Chipp Includes; modular tactical vest with assorted pouches, Fort Burnout shirt, bandana, sMK23 with holster, SM4 with red dot and suppressor, regular arms and 2.0 arms, smoke and yellow lenses and removable helmet.
Boomer includes: head-case, 2 ‘pipe bombs’ and modular harness.”

If you want to try and grab one of these you’ll have to be quick as they are only limited to 200 and will sell out in no time! Head over to on Monday, May 28, 12:00 noon central time (Austin TX) where they will be available.

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