"As each tree is cut, a spirit escapes. Now you can give a home to what was once hidden within."

These outstanding custom Jibibuts from our homegrown UK artist Squink! are ready to be unleashed on the world!

Each made from 100% wood and hand painted using acrylics, these will look extra special in your collection. As always the attention to detail is superb and each character has it’s own fantastic personality!

There are only 6 of these available meaning each ONE is unique.

1. Sprinkles     2. Tinker     3. Sabuki     4. Silver     5. Mysterious Totem 2     6. The Happy Thief

Each Jibibut will be blind boxed, signed on the back and come accompanied by a signed logo slip. These will be available from tonight (June 5th 2012 @ 8:00pm GMT +1) straight from the Squink! online store for £45.00 each + P&P.

Needless to say these will go extremely fast so be ready for them to drop and grab one!