Reported by UnsungZero Droplet Launch Last weekend saw the launch of Droplet Series 2, designed by Gavin Strange aka JamFactory and produced by Crazy Label. Vinyl Abuse took a trip down to Bristol's FiftyFifty to witness the slickness. Droplet Launch Upon arrival we soon realised that we would not be the lucky recipients of a goody bag (given to the first 50 customers) but the atmosphere and genuine excitement made us quickly forget. Droplet Launch The store opened and people began to slowly go inside, it was only then that we looked up in amazement as we saw the awesome motion graphics and live twitter feed being projected onto the opposite building. Droplet Launch Once inside FiftyFifty store we were met by a huge blank Droplet on a plinth, people huddled round it doodling away, amongst these were artists Okkle and Delme. Droplet Launch People waited patiently in line to snag their Droplets, T-shirts and Tote Bags from a seemingly endless supply behind a humble little counter at the back of the store and as we (Souljei & Unsungzero) got that little bit closer to that counter, it felt like we were getting our fix of sweet vinyl goodness. Droplet Launch We headed back out front to open our boxes, and it was a huge break from my usual bad luck with blind boxes when the first one I opened was the rare king colourway. Everyone was chatting, trading, opening boxes, sketching, it was certainly buzzing and we hadn't even gotten to the customs in the FiftyFifty Gallery yet.. After spending some time upstairs marvelling over the huge Droplet and chatting, we took a trip down stairs into the awaiting cave of wonders of custom Droplets. Droplet Launch A sign was posted on the wall announcing free drinks and CUPCAKES (by Cakeology).. only we were too late, no cakey goodness for us, a framed screen was set up with a cool video showng the progression of the series 2 Droplets and WIP shots of several customs. Droplet Launch Droplet Launch The quality of work on display was simply amazing and it was quite a treat to see the product of many creative/twisted minds in one room. We heard rumours of a charity auction of the customs so keep your eyes peeled if you want to own one of the many sweet customs from top artists, designers, illustrators and animators. We'd like to congratulate Gavin Strange, Crazylabel, FiftyFifty and everyone else that contributed to such an amazing night. Special thanks to Fran Pearce for helping us get some great coverage and thanks to Doc18 for his wicked shot used for the header of this article.