Review by Souljei I opened the door to receive the biggest dunny I had bought for my vinyl collection, quickly ripped open the outer card board box to reveal a nicely designed box. Which looked like it had been drawn in pencil crayon, but had a cute, soft look to it. Already excited I opened it to reveal the TILT dunny! I first seen TILT's work in a graffiti book I own and was amazed by his unique style, when you think of graffiti you think more of a abstract writing, but TILT was different and had a bubbly style to his work. The TILT dunny is nice, comes with a very nice accessory, of which is an ice cream which he holds. The fresh and vibrant colours reaching from the front of the dunny to the back and look like dripping paint are great, and the "bubble is love" which covers his face shows tilts bubbly style off again. Although I don't think the paint work on the dunny is as good as it could be, as you can see where the paint overlaps a bit under the head. He stands at 8 inches tall and costs around £25.00 (Available from Future Plastik) is a very good buy and I would recommend it, my first 8" dunny I own, and probably will be my most favourite due to the colours and the sexy ice cream! Dunny Dunny