The Beast Brothers x Huck Gee – Lord Magma WINNER!

A winner has been chosen *drumroll* …

Congratulations to Brad Kruth who entered via Vinyl Pulse.

But wait, there’s more! 8″ Lord Magma Skullendario are available to buy now and with each purchase you will be automatically entered into the contest to win a one-of-a-kind “Crystal Skullendario
[as pictured after the jump].


The Beast Brothers x Huck Gee – Lord Magma Giveaway!

As a special thank you for all of the support giveaway we have enlisted the help of our favorite blogs: Clutter Magazine, Spanky Stokes, The Blot Says, TOYSREVIL, Vinyl Abuse, and Vinyl Pulse.

Starting Monday, June 11th and ending Thursday, June 21st you can go to the participating websites and enter to win this rare piece of work. Each site will host a way for you to enter the contest – It could be my filing out a form, sending an email, comment on facebook, whatever they have chosen! You can only enter ONCE on each site – so you have up to 6 chances to win!

After the contest ends each participating website will send us a name that they have randomly chosen as the winner from their entries. We will then put all 6 entries in a hat for a live drawing on Ustream Friday, June 22nd at 12:55pm EST as we kick off the official Lord Magma launch. The winner will be chosen LIVE and become the proud new owner of a custom by The Beast Brothers and Huck Gee.

Exhibition: Jon Burgerman – I Want To Eat Myself

Ever wanted to see Jon Burgerman working in a pizza restaurant? Well now you can!

On the 1st of June Jon will be heading down to Carmine’s Pizza Factory in New Jersey for the “I Want to Eat Myself” exhibition presented by Mad Mad Media!

Jon will be an employee for the day making “special pies“, doodling and be an all round cool guy.

The walls of the restaurant will be covered in Jons crazy doodles and characters, so if you haven’t had a chance to see them for real before you should definitely go and check this out if you’re in the area.

Not only that but there will be a live performance by “The Pizza Kid”, the world’s youngest pizza dough spinner!

A link to the facebook event page can be found here.

6:30pm – 9:00pm

Carmine’s Pizza Factory

366 8th St

Jersey City, NJ

Jon Burgerman / Anxieteam @ Sidewalk Cafe NYC

The fantastic duo that are Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon aka ANXIETEAM will be playing their penultimate NYC show on the 2nd of June at the Sidewalk Cafe from 8:30pm!

If you happen to be over Manhattan way, hop over and have a listen!

Exhibition: Squidballs at Osaka and Harajuku by Rumpus Animation

We’ve just found out about an ultra exciting exhibition being held by Rumpus AnimationSquidballs!

There will be 2 exhibitions, the first will be in Osaka at the Loop A Gallery on the 28th June – 1st July with the second taking place in Tokyo at the Irie Yawd Gallery in Harajuku from Friday July 6th – July 8th, so if you’re one of our Japanese readers or heading over to Japan, be sure to check it out!


The exhibition will include  plenty of work from Rumpus Animation such as music videos, short-films and character animation. There will also be character designs and illustrations on display from collaborations with designers including Matthew the Horse, Jon Boam, Kate Hindley, Peskimo and Le JamBonBon!

Fancy adding to your collection? Good news there will be loads of prints, original paintings, limited edition books & zines, t-shirts, post-cards and toys available to buy.

Not only will you be able to buy a whole hoard of goods but Seb from Rumpus will be at the shows doing live drawing, chatting and handing out sweets!

Blamo Toys’ The Enemy Within – Custom My Little Pony

Hasbro and Sweet Street’s upcoming My Little Pony Project 2012 is nearly at hand and the customs are finally starting to be revealed. Not wanting to be left behind, Mikie Graham of Blamo Toys shows us his entry into the show…. a piece he is calling “The Enemy Within.”  As you can see Mikie has taken his DIY Mega Pony and transformed it into a scale replica of the famed Trojan Horse.

Mikie talks about his creation:

“Because I was specifically doing this custom for Blamo I wanted to find a way to merge both of our styles. By combining the use of natural wood, sculptural re configuration, and the tongue in cheek use of Playmobil soldiers I feel that I have done just that!
To create my custom I used over 400 individual mini wooden boards cut from doll house flooring that I found at my local craft store. I then adhered the wood strips to the vinyl pony using a combination of several glues and the use of over 200 tiny brass nails that you can see ornately decorating the outside of the figure.
Since this was a Mega pony I tried to packed it with as much detail as possible. Highlights include 2 scale accurate Playmobil soldiers visible through the pony’s eyes, a hand sculpted tail and mane, and 4 functioning wooden wheels. If you look closely you can even see a tiny hidden door in the horses belly, with which the soldiers inside will escape their wooden decoy once safely within the walls of Troy!”

As you can see by the plethora of pictures, Mikie went all out for this custom and if all of the other artists have worked as hard and long on their pieces this is bound to be one hell of a show!
If you’re in L.A. on or around the 5th of May make sure to drop by the Toy Art Gallery and check out all of the amazing work.

Saturday May 5, 2012 7pm – 11pm
MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012 Launch Event at Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

High and Dry by Taskone

high and dry
1. Lit. [for water] to recede and leave someone untouched. The waters receded and left us high and dry.
2. Fig. to leave someone unsupported and unable to maneuver; to leave someone helpless.


“High & Dry” isn’t just the name of a Radiohead song, but it is the name of this awesome custom Coarse Jaws Loser figure, by Task One for a KR Boardie.  Love the attention to detail, especially on the back tattoo, and the conversion from figure to sculpture is outstanding.

photos courtesy of Brad Topolewski

Stay tuned for more..

Jason Tharp’s NYCC Custom Painted Munny Time Lapse

At New York Comic Con this year Ohiya gave away a custom munny painted by Ohio-based illustrator Jason Tharp. This time lapse is span across 3 days with over 10 hours of work!

“Ohiya encourages us to go beyond personal boundaries – to simply say, ‘Hi.’ A chance encounter can suddenly turn into something magical, all with the help of a simple two letter word.” – Tharp



Opening: Friday December 9th, 7-11 pm
Dec. 9th – Dec. 30th, 2011

TAG | Toy Art Gallery


“If You Blink, You’ll Miss It” is the artist Quim Tarrida’s first exhibition in the United States.  This project is part of the Subheroes Project, which includes a large part of the artist’s multi-disciplinary production from the past few years. The title is derived from a film industry jargon term, which is used to refer to subliminal images inserted in some sequences, and which are imperceptible to the naked eye.

The exhibition consists of an approach to the personal universe of Quim Tarrida, which he himself calls the Subcutanian World, a microcosm inhabited by strange, metamorphic and viral beings, true antiheroes on the verge of the uncanny.  Projections of the self or of Neo-pop alter egos, ultra-world characters, compose a unique and prodigious imaginary, and attain form through a series of sculptural pieces, limited ceramic editions, and drawings, notable among which are classical pieces from his iconography, such as Subsub Family, The Soldier, Subcutanian Ninja, Oh Gaar, or his latest productions, Relaxing in Blue and The Monkey Knows.


The Sucklord presents OCCUPY CYBERTRON

In his first official event since being voted off a popular reality TV show, The Sucklord will offer for sale selections from a new body of work paying homage to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

What: The Sucklord presents OCCUPY CYBERTRON
Where: END OF CENTURY, 237 Eldridge Street, NY, NY 10002
When: December 7th, 2011: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

OCCUPY CYBERTRON will serve as the launch event for a new line of collectible “art toys” inspired by the Occupy Wallstreet Movement. On December 7th, the Sucklord, acting as the leader of the Decepticons, will defend his vast fortunes against a solidarity protest of Autobots, which represent the 99%, in a conceptual performance art piece that will “occupy” the End of Century retail space and gallery in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Longtime Sucklord co-conspirator The Crystal Pharoah will appear for a DJ set, and Beerlao has joined the cause as a drink sponsor.

According to The Sucklord,

“In the spirit of the 1% that an evil supervillain such as myself represents, I thought the timing was ripe for Suckadelic to appropriate the Occupy Wall Street movement for my own material gain… so I made action figures of the protesters and the masters of the universe who financially control them. They make great Christmas gifts.”

A small batch of limited edition OCCUPY CYBERTRON trading cards have been produced for the event by a collaboration between Suckadelic, Appro Nation (Creators of “The Art Hustle” contemporary art and artist trading cards) and Sidekick Media (manufacturer of the Suckadelic Suckpax trading card series).

A free pack of cards will be given to anyone who attends the event in a costume relevant to the theme. The Sucklord will also be offering a limited quantity of custom art toy action figures in 8”, 3 ¾” and 3” scales for sale.

Sneaky Raccoon presents Tales From The Sneaky Crypt

Sneaky Raccoon
is turning 5 and to commemorate the occasion will be holding a  group show that celebrates the friends made along the way. Tales From The Sneaky Crypt will feature the immense talents of artist friends: TADO, Jamfactory, A Little Stranger, Cavey, Lunartik, Emily Bee, Felt Mistress, Waste, Map Map, Loulou & Tummie, Lunabee, Cris Rose, Triclops Studio, Jon Paul Kaiser, MEGAMUNDEN, Phil Corbett, Okkle, Anabelle Nielsen, Mimic, Tesselate, Steve Fable, Poked Studio, Clark Rotharmel, Podgy Panda, Creature Kebab, Rhys Brown, Jenn & Tony Bot, Dolly Oblong, Planet Domu, Fadeworks and Sneaky Raccoon.

The spooky show will run for four days (Fri 28th -Mon 31st) at Kidrobot London, & Sneaky Raccoon would love to see you and Say hello.  The evening will be filled with live screen printing and drawing, homemade treats, a fundraising  raffle and a crypt full of eerie art and creepy customs.

Toys from the show will be available for sale online from Saturday 29th at 10am GMT for fans worldwide at the Toys in the Sneaky Crypt Store
10% – 100% of toy sales and money raised will be donated to McMillian Cancer Support, so pop along and help raise money for a wonderful cause.

Zombie Art Project – Week 2 lineup

Week One of the Zombie Art Project (ZAP) is drawing to a close and series creator, Mikie Graham is excited to show off whats coming up.

The second week of ZAP holds tons of gory surprises including removable weapons, zombie animals, and one very famous Cuban dictator!  Figure pairs range from $30-$60 and come housed in their own 6″ wooden coffin- seen here for the first time! As you will notice from the weekly ZAP chart, week one has nearly sold out.

So if you see a Zombie pair in week 2 that you must own, I suggest hitting up as early in the morning as humanly possible!