3A announces Tank Girl project – chaotic excitement ensues

Via Spankystokes
2010 promises to be a very big year for 3A as they come off of one huge sale and head into another one next Thursday at 5PM pacific time with the WWRp Large Martins, but as if that wasn't enough Ashley Woods announced today on his production blog a very exciting "partnership with Team Tank Girl ( Mr Alan Martin and Mr Rufus Dayglo ) to make Tank Girl stuff ( not just toys )".
The blog post has since disappeared but expect more details soon. This is possibly the best news of 2010 so far :]

An open letter to Kidrobot..

Dear Kidrobot, It's been a while since we've spoken. How've you been? Not so great? Yeah, I know. A lot of us have been wondering basically what the hell happened to you since we met. In January 2004, Wired ran an article called "The New Cubicle Commandos" that really resonated with me. You were mentioned in the story, which led me to visit you on Haight Street in San Francisco. Six years ago, the tiny Kidrobot shop was a cool place to go. Back then, you sold Qees, and I'd pick them up regularly. You had these glass cases in the middle of the shop, and the contents were like a mini museum. I chatted with Frank Kozik as he signed his first range of Labbits that year. He was grouchy. It was cramped. But it felt like something was happening. Something interesting... I went to Kidrobot just once in 2009 as a favor for a friend. As I stood in line, catching whiffs of piss and patchouli, I felt embarrassed and out of place. I found one adult among the queue of kids, and he turned out to be a cool guy named Nate. He cracked me up with a comment about how he'd given away an all-over print Kidrobot shirt to a newly stylin' homeless dude. We were processed through an assembly line to meet the artist. Afterward, I told my friend, "You owe me." How did this happen to you, Kidrobot? When did you become a punchline and a punching bag? If toy collecting was punk rock, you were Good Charlotte. On one particular forum, "Dunny" became a filtered swear word...
Read the full piece by Jeremy Brautman over at Spanky Stokes.  Essential reading and I'm sure you'll sympathize with most points (if not all).

Toy2R USA Goes Live!

Toy2R USA is pleased to ring in the holidays with the official website featuring a new Blog, Custom DIY Gallery, and a web store which will give collectors access to older and hard to find items as well as future exclusives and special releases. As Toy2R celebrates its 15th Anniversary next year, this new site is the first in a series of monumental events commemorating this major milestone in 2010. With links tying its Twitter Page (@QEEBEAR) and newly launched Toy2R USA Facebook Page - fans and collectors will have more access to Toy2R than ever before. With just days left in 2009 - Toy2R wishes everyone the happiest of holidays and invites all to join the celebration!