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Batman: Dark Knightfall Trailer

Batman: Dark Knightfall is a Batman fan made stop-motion animation by Parabucks co.
Using mainly the super realistic Dark Knight Rises and the awesome DX Joker 2.0 figures from Hot Toys.

In a word, astounding.

Now somebody go and create an epic Human Vs Zombie Vs Robot animation with 3A figures :]

Review – TIMEBANDITS’ Frankie The Timebandit

Frankie “The Timebandit” is a gangster superhero. He can travel through time, stop time, and is the supreme bandit of time.  His powerful “time travel” watches allow him to break the space-time continuum in order to fight evil and tyranny.  He seeks out others who have potential for “time travel” who also possess gangster superpowers of their own.  He slings watches to these select few.  They become the chosen ones who will join to form a legue of time traveling, gangster superheroes known as “TimeBandits”.

In addition to Frankie “The TIMEBANDIT”, we are currently in production on the TIMEBANDITS Comic (release, Fall of 2011). Pre-production has also started on a range of TIMEBANDITS Toys based on the characters from our comic book.



Artist: Jonathan Stephens
Sculpted by: David Arshawsky
Height: 9” tall
Accessories: Fedora hat & briefcase

Frankie comes packaged in a window-front box that features background information on the character. The back face of the box, features a large illustration of Frankie. Frankie is neatly packed in form fitting plastic and is easily viewable from within.

Quite an awesome sculpt, with alot of detail and an interesting pose.  Frankie is a great character; created from the TimeBandits logo, and modelled on a 1930′s mobster. He bears

The only downside to this piece is that the paint could’ve been just that little bit sharper. There are areas which are great and have fine detail such as the face but then other others are a little fuzzy or uneven. It’s a shame that there are paint faults as other than that the figure is great.

Definitely worth adding to your collection if you’re a fan of mobster characters or are familiar with the TimeBandits brand.  Especially worth picking up if you’re into TimeBandits watches as there’s currently a deal which allows you to pickup a watch and Frankie “The TimeBandit” for $54.95 (approx £35).

You can get yours at TimeBandits Watches

The SUCKADELIC Art Toy Universe

Opening Party: Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 6-9pm
Closing Party: January 23, 2011, 3pm

Boo-Hooray Gallery
521 West 23rd Street, NYC 10011

The Boo-Hooray Gallery reluctantly announces the first SUCKADELIC retrospective gallery exhibition. Intentionally confusing, misleading, disappointing and really funny, these limited-edition parodies of action figures reverberate with a vicious wit and are oddly eyeball-pleasing in the manner of all kinds of toothsome 20th/21st century collage and montage art.

One of the most respected despised and influential figures in the art toy movement for the past decade, the SUCKLORD has been producing handmade bootleg action figures in very limited runs, each selling out immediately. As the plot thickens, the work of the SUCKLORD is widely collected in fine art circles, and has been auctioned at Christie’s, Freeman’s and Phillips.

This exhibition marks the first time the entire SUCKADELIC catalogue will be exhibited in one place. For the duration of the exhibit, a SUCKADELIC SUCK-SHOPPE pop-up store will be open. Original artwork, sculptures, silk- screens and paintings will also be for sale.

The work presented in this exhibit is a documentation of my struggle to reach the top of a sinister pyramid scheme; A culture-jacking enterprise where ruthless-yet-compelling super-criminals compete for the imaginations of fickle consumers and a relentless media machine.

- Excerpt from the SUCKLORD’s artist statement


Coarse Toys – eyes of fear 1:1 paw! bust

Chaos pours into the eyes of paw! His soul becomes one with the savage nature that surrounds him and the powerless noop. Once, he was free - a creature of survival. But now his thoughts are trapped in a spiral of agony, he longs to release himself from these unnatural emotions. His inward battle will determine the outcome of his forsaken incident. One final sacrifice must be made.

High gloss fiberglass bust -27’’[67 cm] Figure sculpture - Limited to 200 pcs
Includes and a signed certificate of originality and one family and friends application card.
HK$ 4,588 (Approx £370) [includes global shipping]

New from COARSE is this new life-size paw!  Reflecting the turmoil experienced in his concluding moments. Bring the monkey-rabbit into your home to gauge the depth of this volatile creature, an extraordinary and one off coarse creation. Brought to life by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk.

Includes the 1:1 paw! in sheer intensity. This giant piece is hand crafted, and comes as 4 parts completed in a high gloss coat and lined with a soft felt base. Securely shipped between sponge halves, in a 4 tone printed premium cardboard box.

On sale at the coarse online store , December 8, 2010 - 11 pm Hong Kong time [05 pm Berlin, 11 am New York].

Eyes of Fear – 1:1 noop and paw! busts by coarse

The first of the two time-shifted releases showcases a 1:1 fibreglass noop head, in the classic pain colour palette, finished in a shimmering high gloss coat. For the first time, these exhibition-calibre pieces are available for public purchase, a one off opportunity.

Following the traditional bust sculpture format, this latest portrayal captures a dramatic moment at the end of the noop’s life, as blood runs down his chin and onto his chest. His drained existence is accentuated by sunken features and lifeless colours. A distinctive coarse creation.

Its impressive 20” (51 cm) height makes the noop bust a one of a kind, eye catching piece of art. Every one is hand crafted, finished in high gloss and lined with a soft felt base. They are safely shipped individually in styrofoam and protected in a 4-tone printed, supreme cardboard box. Each bust also includes a signed certificate of originality and one family and friends application card.

Those who pick up this full release will already have 2 of 3 family and friends application cards, just one step away from being a coarse family and friends member. coarse family and friends membership gives you priority access at coarse hkg – including bookings, simplified access to limited releases and other advantages based on availability.

coarse guarantees that every noop bust customer will have access to purchase the giant 27” (69 cm) paw! bust, to be released December 8 this year.

Eyes of Fear – 1:1 noop bust
Available October 14, 2010 at
HK$ 4,388 includes global shipping (roughly £350)

For more details visit coarse at

*Update* – On sale at coarse hkg, October 14, 2010
11 pm Hong Kong time [05 pm Berlin, 11 am New York, 08 am Los Angeles]

Absolutely stunning pieces (as usual) from Coarse, that high gloss finish is delicious.   I’m actually contemplating selling a chunk of my collection to make room for these beasts and I can hardly wait to see who the first crazy person is that decides to customise one (or both) of these, and then proceed to ask “Why?!”.

Expect a very excited unboxing post/video should I manage to get my hands on one, I imagine these will sell out pretty fast, even with the high price tag :]

Kick-Ass figures from Mezco Toyz

Kick-Ass”, the action-adventure movie from Lionsgate and Matthew Vaughn, is a twisted high-octane adventure that redefines the “super hero” genre, based on the popular comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Kick-Ass 1/12 scale 6” action figure from Mezco Toyz captures the essence of “Kick-Ass”; armed with two billy-clubs, and wearing signature suit and mask.

Hit-Girl, a.k.a. Mindy Mc Cready is an 11 year-old pig-tailing wearing waif with the fighting skills of a ninja. This little super hero proves she has some real kick- ass skills.

The 1/12 Scale action figure features Hit-Girl in her signature plaid skirt, purple wig and cape. Armed with a pair of butterfly knives, and her double Gitano bladed mindy stick.

Ships – October 2010.

Blamo Toys – Mr. Cappy

To issue in the new year Blamo toys is pleased to announce the new’st resident to inhabit Blamoville: “Mr. Cappy”

Mr. Cappy  is an avid rock collector. His hobby supports his love of consuming rocks and he is more often heard than seen as he munches away his impressive collection. When Mr. Cappy is not tending to his rock garden he can usually be found sumo wrestling and boulder rolling.

On Jan 11th at 12noon, Blamo Toys will be releasing 2 versions of this new character.

Resin Mr Cappy: Constructed of hand cast resin, and rusted bottle caps found on the beaches of Bali by Spenser himself, this rugged gentleman comes housed in his own silk screened display box for only $130 plus shipping.

Brass Mr Cappy: With a body of solid cast brass, rusted bottle caps for arms and legs, and two brass hands, this shining gentleman will be the gleaming highlight of any display shelf. He is limited to only 6 in this style, and will cost you $225 plus shipping.

Suzette – a pin-up by Dean Yeagle

“Suzette” by Dean Yeagle, to be released in April 2010.

Following up from the release of “Angélique”, a mischievous bellaminette who escaped from the Sketchbook Bellamy to live her life in 3D. Suzette is the second 3D creation by Attakus for Comix Buro, which is coming from a sketchbook’s cover.

Recommended retail price: €135 ($190/£120)
Release date : April 2010
Limited to 550 copies
Size: 27 cm

Pretty damn awesome and a decent sized statue, the only niggle is the hair isn’t that detailed but it’s still a great piece nonetheless, just hoping for another set of Mandy statues :P