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A conversation with Ron English Stromectol For Sale, On Art & Inspiration

In their second in an ongoing series of interviews with artists, Dudebox have just released a short film on Ron English.

Dudebox's very own movie production department DBTV headed to Ron's studio and explored his work space, online Stromectol without a prescription. Order Stromectol from mexican pharmacy, The king of POPaganda gave them a very personal insight into what feeds his imagination, how he forms ideas and what inspires him to create, is Stromectol addictive. Rx free Stromectol. Purchase Stromectol for sale. Where can i buy Stromectol online. Canada, mexico, india. Stromectol price, coupon. Stromectol steet value. Order Stromectol online c.o.d. Generic Stromectol. Stromectol photos. Stromectol dangers. Stromectol used for. Discount Stromectol. Stromectol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Stromectol australia, uk, us, usa. Stromectol canada, mexico, india. Buy Stromectol without prescription. Where can i order Stromectol without prescription. Cheap Stromectol. Stromectol overnight. Purchase Stromectol. Order Stromectol from United States pharmacy. Effects of Stromectol. Ordering Stromectol online. Stromectol use. Stromectol samples. Stromectol results. Purchase Stromectol online. Stromectol long term. Stromectol pics. Where can i buy cheapest Stromectol online. Stromectol class. Stromectol pictures. Stromectol description. Is Stromectol safe. Stromectol mg. Buy cheap Stromectol no rx. Order Stromectol no prescription.

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The D in Droplet - A Gordon's Gin parody from JamFactory on Vimeo.

After seeing the beautiful slow motion masterpiece that is the Gordon's Gin advert.  I thought a Droplet-based parody had to be made and with the help of my friends, Plavix maximum dosage, Order Plavix online c.o.d, here it is.

It involved 3 people standing on chairs, Plavix images, Purchase Plavix, on the rooftop of Aardman, whilst I was on my knees and they poured fake ice, online Plavix without a prescription, Plavix long term, water and Droplets on my head whilst the order of sequence was shouted off camera. - All in all a great way to spend the night!

You can watch a behind the scene vid here, australia, uk, us, usa, My Plavix experience, pretty sure the ice and droplets didn't feel too good on Gavin's head but the end outcome is awesome :]

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – International Trailer

As if the previous trailers and tv spots for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World weren't enough, they had to go and release this new international trailer.  My geek gene has gone into overdrive as I'm sure yours will too. The trailer features loads of new footage and more awesome sfx, gaming references and fight scenes. Now to go into hibernation until August 13th :] (trailer via TrailerAddict)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Mezco’s 8″ Plush Scott and Ramona

Mezco Toyz creates 8inch plush figures of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers, based on the characters from the Scott Pilgrim comics and upcoming Universal Studios movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, due August 2010. Meet charming and jobless Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera); a bass guitarist for garage band Sex Bob-omb. The 22-year-old has just met the girl of his dreams...literally. The only catch to winning Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)? Her seven evil exes are coming to kill him. Genre-smashing filmmaker Edgar Wright (“Hot Fuzz”, “Shaun of the Dead”) tells the amazing story of one romantic slacker’s quest to power up with love in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Available at finer retailers in July 2010, or pre-order here

Kick-Ass figures from Mezco Toyz

Kick-Ass”, the action-adventure movie from Lionsgate and Matthew Vaughn, is a twisted high-octane adventure that redefines the “super hero” genre, based on the popular comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Kick-Ass 1/12 scale 6” action figure from Mezco Toyz captures the essence of “Kick-Ass”; armed with two billy-clubs, and wearing signature suit and mask. Hit-Girl, a.k.a. Mindy Mc Cready is an 11 year-old pig-tailing wearing waif with the fighting skills of a ninja. This little super hero proves she has some real kick- ass skills. The 1/12 Scale action figure features Hit-Girl in her signature plaid skirt, purple wig and cape. Armed with a pair of butterfly knives, and her double Gitano bladed mindy stick. Ships - October 2010.

The running of the Otaku!

A short video shot by GiantRobot head Honcho, Eric Nakamura from his visit to Japan's Wonderfest with plenty of images of Otaku running to buy toys. Pretty insane, then again I'm sure you would do the same thing once the mad rush begins; everyone gets a chance but why wait in line for hours :p

We Ain’t Plastic, Qee Exhibit – Video Recap

  • Over 50 Artists from the Lincoln and Omaha Area.
  • Over 50 customized 8" Qees.
  • 1 Incredible evening of talent, creativity and fun.
Presenting - We Ain't Plastic!

Jay222 Custom 16″ Qees for We Ain’t Plastic Event

Keep an eye on your Qees because Jay222 is out and about and striking at will! Check out his latest video creation detailing the customization of TWO 16" Qees. Jay shows off his amazing creativity and scary vision as he takes two unsuspecting innocent Qees, Pablo & Francisco, on a serious trip. Featuring special guest (kidnapper) Dj Qbert! These two bad boys were customized exclusively for the upcoming WE AIN'T PLASTIC Qee Exhibit, October 2nd - being held in the hometown of Toy2R USA's headquarters - Lincoln, Nebraska.

Reservoir Dogs x Qee Project

RD_Display TOY2R announces the concepts that were originally seen during Toy Fair earlier this year are now available. In collaboration with Lionsgate, TOY2R has put together an "inspired by" assortment based on the look, theme and classic moments from Quentin Tarantino's debut 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs. RD_8_BLACKRD_GROUP_2 In celebration of this milestone movie and in honor of Tarantino's current box office hit, Inglourious Basterds, TOY2R is proud to release this Qee Collection. First up are the 2.5" Qees - a 25pc blind box collection. From Mr. Black to Mr. White - the gang is all here! Also available are Mr. Black, Mr. Brown, and Mr. White in 8" Qee form. Window boxed and ready for display.

The Vinyl Frontier Sneak Peek

The Vinyl Frontier Sneak Peek SDCC09 Exclusive from The Vinyl Frontier

Mighty Monskey Series 2.5 Giveaway Contest

Would you like to get your hands on the series 2.5 Monskeys and the Giant Monskey plus the limited edition Super Art Fight Monskey designed by Nick Borkowicz? Now’s your chance! Enter the Mighty Monskey Series 2.5 Giveaway contest and you could be the very proud owner of seven freaking awesome toys! Here are the rules. To enter, simply add a comment to this post @ AngryZenMaster. Be sure to include your real email when filling out the comment form. Comments will be collected until September 19, midnight EST. A random number generator will be used to pick the winner who will be announced September 20. One entry per person. Past winners, please sit this one out. Duplicate entries will be void.

Muttpop Talks About the Luchadores 5 Movie!

muttpopmovie.jpg Bob Silva and Jerry Frissen from Muttpop agreed to sit down with to tell us more about the upcoming live-action movie adaptation of "Luchadores 5." For anyone living under a rock, can you give us the low down of what Luchadores Five is all about? And what is lucha libre? Bob Silva: The “Luchadores 5” is about five middle-aged men who wear Mexican Wrestling masks and protect their East L.A. turf from bad guys. Instead of gangs with guns and knives, the Luchadores5 world is inhabited with tiki warriors, werewolves, and French men. Unfortunately, all of their efforts go unappreciated by the family and friends that see them as overgrown nerds who run around like kids in costumes playing “Cowboys & Indians”. Lucha Libre is a popular form of Mexican wrestling. It’s a huge inspiration for the cultural base and visual aesthetic of the heroes in the Luchadores5. Lucha Libre has a very devoted following in Mexico and a huge cult following throughout the entire world. It is best known for the beautiful masks many of the wrestlers wear and charismatic Lucha Libre superstars like El Santo and Blue Demon. What many people don’t know is that it also has a strict code and familial heritage that parallels the Samurai’s Bushido. When did you first decide that Luchadores Five should be a feature film? BS: Jerry’s the big granddaddy behind all things Luchadores 5, so let’s hear from him! Jerry Frissen: I wanted to do that from the beginning. While I was writing the first chapter of the LUCHADORES FIVE I thought a live action movie would perfectly translate the cheesy concept. I had trouble convincing people that live action would be better than an animation but we did it. What roles do Club Deal Films and Chamber Six play in the production process? BS: Club Deal Films, the primary Producers, are the Money Men. They will be in charge of gathering financing and talent for the project. Chamber Six is our Partner In Crime. What started as Chamber Six and Muttpop brainstorming over beers and Greek food has translated into a solid, live action feature. Chamber Six’s Michael Olmos will be the Director on the project. Adrian Cruz, also of Chamber Six, is credited as the author of the screenplay. How close will the film follow the stories from the comic and what kind of rating are you going for? BS: Some concessions had to be made to successfully bring the mood of the project to film. What works wonderfully on paper doesn’t always look great with living, breathing actors on celluloid. The characters are the same but context was brought to the film to help educate the viewer about the rich world of Mexican Wrestling. Instead of assuming that the audience would know the subtleties of the Culture that we were paying homage to, we found a way to introduce them to its nuances while still building upon its rich history and making a damned funny film! tequila.jpg One of the most striking things about Luchadores Five is the character designs. They work absolutely fantastically as vinyl toys as you no doubt have discovered. How will you translate this design sense for live action? And will the mask designs of the luchadores make it to the big screen un-altered? BS: Thank you! Would you expect a Spider-Man without the classic red and blue costume? What’s a Superman film without the classic red and yellow emblem? The designs by Bill and Gobi are iconic and perfect. We will do everything we can to ensure that any alterations respect the original work of our super talented artists. The key visual cues of the mask designs will stay true to the original design. Of course, some tweaks may be made to better see the actor’s expressions…but when you see Red Demon or Tequila, you will be able to recognize him immediately. Will you be filming on location in LA? BS: We’re still finalizing film locations. Naturally, as a project based on the East L.A. neighborhood, filming will definitely happen in Los Angeles. It’s possible that some additional filming may occur in other locations. That’s really the Producers job. They will do everything they can to ensure that every dollar spent on the film will be seen on that screen. If money were no object, who would be in your dream cast? BS: I’d prefer not to disclose that information. We are actively pursuing actors as we speak. We definitely have our “dream cast” but we don’t want to reveal it without having spoken to the actors in question beforehand. Do you have plans to recruit real luchadores to play roles or appear in cameos? BS: We haven’t thought that far in advance. There’s potential for some nice cameos…but first and foremost we want to make an excellent film. If the film sucks, a cameo from “God” wouldn’t matter. So we’re focused on the filmmaking right now. Luch libre features signature moves and holds that make it a truly unique wrestling style. How will you maintain authenticity with the fight choreography? BS: This is more of a question for the Director. We discussed at length about this with Michael Olmos. He’s very interested in developing a choreography style that mixes the best of brawling/bar fight choreography with grappling and signature wrestling moves. I’m positive the final result will be beautiful! Are you looking for major distribution? BS: Distribution is a Producer thing. They’re in the midst of all of that right now. We are determined to have this be a worldwide theatrical release. Viral seems to be the buzzword of today. BS: True…but ewww, that sounds so dirty! We’ve never thought of what we are doing as “viral”. Forget the hot “buzzwords”…we just wanted to get this wonderful world that we have all taken a part in creating out there for people to interact with, untainted. That’s the vision behind the toys, the comics, and the film. We look forward to seeing what people take away from it! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We can't wait to see the Luchadores 5 take the silver screen! Congrats!