New Release

BADGEr Hunt!

badgerhunt_3-2.jpg Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer have been busy creating yet another Badger for the Badger series by Sjors Trimbach.   This is the 3rd sneak in the edition of Badger Hunt! Why not look on other Toy sites to find out the Badgers!?

Just a quick note that we have only 2 of our VA exclusive Badgers left!

VIKTOR by Pattern

A NEW DESIGNER TOY FROM ARGENTINA! Brought to you by Pattern, a motion design Studio based on Buenos Aires, Argentina, recently produced VIKTOR: an original fabric doll, Half exhibicionist, half scientist. viktor3.jpg viktor1.jpg viktor2.jpg It's a first limited edition of 100, but new different editions will be ready soon. Shweeet.. Be sure to check out the Pattern website for some great design work too.

Exterminate… exterminate: Dalek Glifix

Dalek Glifix, by Product Enterprise Ltd, will get a preview at NYCC and Munny Shot. The form is based on the Daleks from the 1965 movie Doctor Who and the Daleks. The first series of 2.5 inch blindboxed figures features designs by Sket One, Mimic, Dok A, SuperDeux, Triclops, Hoodwink, Stigdog and of course Dalek! There will also be the limited edition 8 inch Collectors series. ...and in our constant search for exclusives, our spies have stumbled across this collection of photographs of the hand-painted prototypes. We will of course bring you all the latest on their release dates and more images from their preview at Munny Shot.

Erick Scarecrow’s Liberty

The fourth (and final) teaser image from Erick Scarecrow of his upcoming Liberty vinyl figure (produced by Kaching Brands). Liberty will be unveiled at New York Comic-Con, where it will see its release. In themeantime we'll fill you in on the previous sneaks revealed so far.

TREXI – Series 3 – Full of awesomeness!

trexi-s03poster.jpg Play Imaginative has released photos of their third series of 3" figures. Slated for a Feb/Mar-release. The packaging, is designed by Jeremyville. Some awesome designs by awesome artists, such as: Sket One, Delme/KidScribbles, PulcoMayo, Kei Sawada, DGPH, Brian Taylor and more.. :D Sweet

Love is in the air… declassifed

Wednesday, February 14th 2007, multiple eyewitness accounts reported sightings of an unidentified extra-terrestrial or alien being. Eyewitness accounts differ to the colour of the being from hues of translucent pink, orange or yellow. Equal number of all colours have claimed to have been spotted. This figure was only seen within the vicinity of the Super7 store in San Francisco, and only for a very brief time beginning at 11am on the 14th Feb 07. Witnesses also reported that the figure was held in a secret bag, and was not visible to them until they gave $95 to the store staff for a single bag. Only one bag was available per perso, as quantities were extremely limited. No further information is availble at this time.

Jasper Stank – so many purty colours

Here is the long awaited image of the 4 colour variations of Mr Jasper Stank. Stinky hotness and other sweaty aromas makes him one little collactable Pig Farmer.

more DaMinci

Tim Tsui sent us some more photos of his amazing looking DaMinci figures. Three versions are currently available for pre-order from sites and stores around the world. There are the HK, JPN and Secret (mono) variations. Limited to just 500 pieces, at 28cm tall each comes with a spray can, mask and changeable blinging belt buckles, all housed in a hand sprayed canvas bag.

OCTANE3 plush wars

Octane 3 have been encouraging young and talented soon to be big designers to bring their work to us and if it's up to speed, we'll choose it to stock on our site. The latest are Miskellaneous and Maz, who have been entered head to head in 'Plush Wars'. Most VA fans will be familiar with Maz's creations of keychains, badges and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Newcomer Miskellaneous produces one off characrer called Crumps. Maz on Octane 3 vs Miskellaneous.

Love is in the air… double update

Sorry we missed our update on the Super7 x Wonderwall Flatwoods yesterday due to hectic schedules and other bizarre activity. So here is a double dose of intergalactic phenomena for you to get your minds bewildered by.

Love is in the air… can you keep a secret?

The first confirmed sighting of the David Horvath Flatwood is a translucent orange species. Super 7 x Wonderwall agents are gathering more eye witness accounts and will report to us as soon as they declassify these highly secret reports.

Harriet The Horrendously Hairy Housewife

3735192799-promo1.jpg Second vinyl toy in the series from Carnival Cartoons.  Harriet The Horrendously Hairy Housewife is based off of their animated property the "Carneys".  You can see this at this years New York Comic Convention on table #A247!  They also have lots of other goodies for your eyes!  The Green Harriet is limited edition for the Convention and has been released in 100 pieces, and the red and purple versions are limited to 200 pieces! 3735192799-promo3.jpg