Letterpressed Preston Plush

Mark at Letterpressed let us in on the development of a plush of the logotype character Preston. Preston, designed by Brian Taylor, will stand (or sit comfortably) at a height of 10.5"Check out the Letterpressed blog for all the latest goings on with Preston and the new stationary and card releases from Letterpressed.


To celebrate the release of Beck's latest album, "The Information" beck-comp.png As part of the album release campaign, we've set up this competition in collaboration with Beck, and Melbourne based artist, Beck Wheeler to provide you with the chance to win some very limited edition Beck toys. Only 20 were made and they can't be purchased anywhere. These toys are inspired by the music on album and by Beck's persona as an artist. beckcomp2.jpg To Win: Simply leave a comment.  Be sure to use a valid email address when leaving a comment.  Alternatively, reply to this forum topic.  A winner will be chosen at random.  . For more information about Beck, For more information on Beck Wheeler,

FluffyBadBad – Release Party

fluffybbflyer.png click for the image for more info fbbspin.gif

Hosted By:: badbad.jpg When: Friday Dec 15, 2006 at 6:00 PM Where:: Rotofugi Gallery 1953-55 W. Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60601 US View Map

Pocket Pork – Series 2

Shawnimals and myplasticheart are set to get some serious porking going on with Pocket Pork series 2. Individually wrapped porks will be available from Wednesday December 6th at 12PM (EST) from or in-store at mph in NYC. Each Pocket Pork series 2 comes with a screen printed napkin, a folded insert showing all of the pork varieties, two buttons. MPH tells us: "The new line of mini plush dumplings has 6 total characters (5 + 1 rare, secret variety), individually wrapped and blind-bagged for maximum freshness! Each with a signed and numbered tag. With 150 total pieces, and some Porks more rare than others, will you get lucky and find all six?" Pork varieties are; Raw Pork (for you hardcore uncooked fans), Albino Pork (genetically modified perhaps?), Charco Pork (if you like it well done), Monster Pork (to scare the kids with), Chomp Pork (the leftovers of a very tasty pork) plus that rare secret variety. Also, there is a chance to win a GIANT PORK! If you are the lucky Pork Nugget Finder - hidden in one pork is a secret pork nugget, so let the pork squeezing commence... Better than a cheap take away any night of the week!

Grabbit – Plush

Here's the latest update on our coverage of Touma's Grabbit from Play Imaginative Past Grabbit news: Original Entry & Revised Sculpt This latest update featured the promised, plush version of Grabbit. Although the plush doesnt feature the same striking lines as Touma's vinyl pieces, it's still a nice new direction for Touma's characters to take. The new medium opens up opportunity for flexibility and a variety of versitile materials to be used to add new life to the characters. grabbitplushthumb.png click image for more grabbitplushcolorwaysthumb.png click image for all colourways Limited: 500pcs Release Date: Feb 2007 The other 3 colourways will be releasing 1 month after the original colourway released. The shoes and mouth are made of vinyl which is where extra detail can be added. Which also of course means that the trademark Touma mouths still retain their original quality instead of a stitched mouth. The plush also seems to be able to stand freely without support. Cool stuff ^-^

Circus Punks: Out of Vogue in LA

The Out of Vogue in LA show will feature artwork and handpainted Circus Punks from over 45 different artists. In addition to the custom Punks, will be limited production 15” Circus Punks by Craola, Shag, tokidoki, Reuben Rude, Thomas Han & Bob Dob. Each one of the exclusives will be limited to 20 pieces each. To further bombard any CP fan, there will be plenty of hard to find Circus Punks production pieces as well as plenty of Circus Punks swag given away. Line up early ‘cuz the first 100 people in line will receive raffle tickets with half being winners of Circus Punks bags filled with CP goodness. Read on for show info, A-Z of Participants and some sneak previews of the awesome Circus Punks customs from Buff Monster, Sket-Oone and more WHEN: December 2, 2006 7-10 pm WHERE: mixi-bang! 36 W. Colorado Blvd. #5 Pasadena, CA 90015 626.507.8095 PARTICIPANTS: Amanda Visell Anthony Ausgang Blaine Fontana Buff Monster Dave Burke David Horvath Elizabeth Berdann Erik Davison Esther Pearl Watson Gary Taxali Huck Gee Ironclaw James Naccarato Jason Maloney Jermaine Rogers Jesse Ledoux Jim Koch Joe Ledbetter Jophen Stein Kirsten Easthope Kruse Lesley Reppeteaux Luke Chueh Mari Inukai Mark Todd Matt Sharp MCA Mitch O'Connell Nathan Spoor NESS Nic Cowan OGIgraphics PJ Fidler Reuben Rude Shag Sket-One Sun-Min Kim The Pizz Thomas Han Tim Biskup Tim McCormick Tim Tsui Toby Stanger Touma TWEEQIM Tyson Mcadoo Zoltron Here are the aforementioned Circus Punk customs by some top talent, click for bigger views :) cp_preview-buffmonster30.JPG cp_preview-elizabethberdann.JPG cp_preview-jesseledoux.JPG cp_preview-mariinukai-mini.jpg cp_preview-mattsharp.JPG cp_preview-reubanrudea15.JPG cp_preview-reubanrudeb15.JPG cp_preview-pizz30.JPG cp_preview-sketone15.JPG

Forest Fire

myplasticheart.jpg Myplasticheart are opening their brand new gallery/store over at NYC on the 18th November 2006.  Featuring work from Parskid, as he releases his exclusive Plush character named 'myblackheart'.  Only limited to 21 pieces! so be quick for this exclusive.  Also skate decks from MAD, Sket-one and UPSO will be available to buy, aswell as Twilight and Wedding MAD*Ls.  myplasticheartnyc 210 Forsyth St New York, NY 10002 646.290.6866  For more information visit myplastichearts website.


hazmate_plush_2.jpg hazmate_sticker_4.jpg hazmate_sticker_3.jpg Hazmate (a red warning sign) is patterned after a character, first created as a streetart sticker by Bytedust. This handmade 6" plush (with free stickers) is limited in numbers and is available @ the HAZCHEM website. you may have also seen Hazmate(s) on one of our forum banners :) Cheers Bytedust


Neighbourhood is a new publication from the creative powers of Rinzen. The Australian design collective has stitched together artists from around the world in a collaborative toy remix. Rinzen produced a blank, featureless plush toy and artists progressively reworked the figure in a series of slice and dice fabric frenzies. Each doll was sent to four artists, each time taking the previous remix and adding or subtracting whatever their hearts desired. The results are published in the fantastic looking felt covered book. More information about the project and participating artists can be found at rmxxx. Available via victionary.


boggerdoll.jpg Boggerdolls are the amazing works of 2 dutch graphic design companies, combining their minds and skills to create a bit of a label on the side.. 'Sauerkids'. This is the first plush produced by the duo and is limited to a run of just 40! You will also see more of boggerdoll in the up and coming Pictoplasma Encyclopaedia. The dolls are all handmade and are silkscreened onto white and pink cotton and stand tall at 12"!! Find out more about Sauerkids and their Plush boggerdoll2.jpg


Play Imaginative is releasing its first Designer Plush (with vinyl parts) - Baby Hellhound, designed by TOUMA. The 10 inches of huggable devilishness will be released in December, with 3 other colourways coming to you in January 2007.

Pimp My Doll

Papier Machine's Pimp My Doll project has been on the VA radar for sometime and we're happy to see they will be part of Pictoplasma's Character Walk in Berlin. We are told we can expect some huge furry plushes and a special installation. The traveling collection of pimped up plushes and figures features work by a variety of artists, including; Doma, Cupco, Koa, Skwak, Jeremyville and Wilfrid Wood. The collection has previously been exhibited in France and Italy. Check out the blinging website for photos of the collection.