Shithawk part 4

Shithawk prototype
"Dear readers of Vinyl Abuse, I, Shirley Creamhorn, am writing to you from the Shithawk Inc. mansion on this blustery evening. I am pleasured to inform you that Dr. Apeface has completed the sculpt for the statue, which I present to you here. The next step in this glorious adventure is a resin cast, which I will present to you in the near future.
Thank you for your time, I bid you adure,
Shirley Creamhorn"

Shithawk Pt 2

va-sketch.jpg To continue the wonderful mystery that is Shithawk™ (you can keep up with this by looking under the Shithawk category) we have another letter from Mrs Creamhorn...  "Hello again dear readers of Vinyl Moose dot com, Countess Shirley Creamhorn here from Shithawk Incorporated. I'm penning this letter to you lovely scallywags to tell you about the progress of our grand statue which will adorn the courtyard of our fine manor.

I completed the attached sketch of myself, which I drew with my own fair hands, gazing into the mirror, appreciation ones beauty, if I do say so myself.

Dr. Apeface has been passed this sketch and will commence work on the sculpture imminently, which I think is spiffing news. Once there is progress on said sculpt, I shall take pictographs and send them via courier pigeon to your pretty selves, for you share amongst the upper classes (we could not have the riff-raff viewing our fine wares)

Until that time i bid you adure fine fellows,

Your eloquently,

Shirley Creamhorn
Shithawk, inc."

Introducing… Shithawk Inc

shithawk_title.gif shithawk1.gif Aswell as the photograph of the sketch and the logo, was this interesting letter. Sounds interesting... Keep your eyes peeled for more on this. "Dear Vinyl Abuse, My name is Shirley Creamhorn, I'm the Countess of Shithawk Incorporated, an establishment specializing in manufacture of ice cream cones & biscuit barrels to name but a few industry sectors. My attention was drawn to your interspace hypersite after my colleague, Horatio Leningrad, mentioned to me that you are interested in sculptures and other such pieces of art, and it is with this in mind that I have decided to privvy your fine selves to a new comission that is taking place. Our resident groundsman / architect Dr. Apeface has a penchant for sculpting and I have comissioned him to create a sculpt of myself and our glorious emblem, the mystical Shithawk. The sculpt will be developed into a marvellous bronze statue which will adorn the courtyard of Shithawk manor once completed. I enclose a picturegraph of my sketchbook, a quick portrait of myself and the wonderful Shithawk, which Dr. Apeface will take and mould in my glorious image. I trust you find this information useful and hope your readers take myself and Shithawk into your hearts, Yours beautifully, Shirley Creamhorn Shithawk Inc."