McBess 20inch Dunny leak


Looks like we have a 20″ McBess Dunny inbound if this leaked image from Instagram user, “theyneverfade” is anything to go by. A pretty standard McBess design, I do love that Freddy Mercury-esque white jumpsuit though and who knows whether it’ll come with accessories or what the back will look like (besides more hair and the back of a jumpsuit..).

What’s puzzling is why this isn’t an 8″ Dunny? seems it’d make more business sense, especially as a 20″ Dunny is going to be a huge chunk of coin for anyone outside of the US.

Here’s to hoping there’s more McBess stuff to come (always loved his female character designs, be sweet to see them brought to life, come on toy companies give McBess his own toy series!). Still a pretty rad addition to the 20″ roster.

Kevin Gosselin x Pause Collaboration


Kevin Gosselin and Pause have teamed up on a secret project.

They will be revealing a little more every 6 days with another teaser picture, with the full reveal on Feb 14th, and the release on Feb 21st.

This project has been in the works for over two years now, and we promise it will be worth the hype.

I think it’s a dead cert that we can believe the hype. The combined talents of Pause and Kevin Gosselin should yield something spectacular, keep your eyes peeled folks!

PREVIEW – Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Captain Sturnbrau Figure

Pirate Captain, aka Captain Sturnbrau

Scourge of the Captain of the dreaded floating hulk; The Whispering Corsair. For time immemorable, land-lubbers and sailors alike dare not speak the ship’s true name which slipped past memory and into legend.
For centuries the Captain had plied the oceans voyaging into new and undiscovered lands. They disappear for years at a time, only for stories to reach civilisation of raids on settlements and pitiless attacks on ships.
No-one knows what dark sorcery keeps Captain Sturnbrau and his unholy crew alive, only that they strive to fathom the answers to questions they have long forgotten…

Toy2R presents a preview of Jon-Paul Kaiser’s original 5″ figure – Captain Sturnbrau from the mysterious ship, The Whispering Corsair.

Jon-Paul has created a unique collection of Toy2R figures using the mythos of the Whispering Corsair to amass his crew. First fans were introduced to the Olaf the Mute (in 8″ Qee Bear form), then teasers of the the First Mate Nathaniel Vigo surfaced (in 5″ Mini Qee form), now to be followed by their leader, Captain Sturnbrau!

Expected for release at this year’s New York Comic Con, Toy2R unveiled the figure at the Grand Opening ceremony of the new Toy2R Shunde office in China. This is the first original production character for Jon-Paul and Toy2R is honored to have collaborated on this project. While there are even more projects being developed for JPK (The Forgotten and The Scribe Mini Qees), the Whispering Corsair collection is a wonderful tribute to the high seas and the mysterious that lie beneath the surface. Expect more surprises surrounding the Captain as the more information develops!


I can’t wait to see the painted figure as that’s the draw with JPK’s outstanding work.  Given that the toy has quite abit of detail in it already, it’ll be interesting to see how the black and white paint detail will be applied to the finished piece.

Jon-Paul Kaiser presents The Scribe

Kept alive by unnatural magic,
Incantations he has
Engraved upon himself,
Into his very bones.

Lifetimes of work
Collected knowledge and
Forgotten lore
He guards his power jealousy.

He is The Scribe.

A mysterious and enigmatic creation by the master of black and white, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Toy2R is honored to announce the production of The Scribe 5” Mini Qee. Coming for you soon..
Dropping in August and limited to 500 pcs with an SRP of $28.00. The Apex is currently accepting pre-orders at sales@apex-z.com.

Grimsheep VS Happy Panda Toys

Grimsheep is a toy that Happy Panda Toys and Owen DeWitt (aka Grimsheep) have been working on for the past few months. They are looking at a Fall 2011 drop for this guy.

Judging by the teaser image, it would seem that the toys will be blindboxed and possibly randomly arranged or with the abilitiy to be mixed and matched.
I personally like the monotone look with the orange as an accent colour and expect to see the same bold art and crisp lines that are present in Owen’s custom vinyl pieces.

More details and production photos to be revealed soon.

Chums, Terror of the Deep @ Kickstarter

It’s that time again, yup, it’s time to support an awesome new toy over at Kickstarter :]

I was emailed this week by Lissy L’Amoreaux of Union web design (who I highly recommend you check out, as they’ve done some amazing work for huge clients); informing me of their new venture into the vinyl toy market.

Chums, if successfully funded will be a run of 2000 pieces with the prospect of more friends to be made from any profit on the first run.  You can pledge as little as $25 (rougly £25 with shipping) to secure yourself a Chums when they’re released into the wild.



As both digital artists and vinyl toy enthusiasts, we set out nearly one year ago to design and prototype a vinyl toy that would actually do something. But what utility could a vinyl toy offer? We decided on a little friend for our desks that could hold our tablet pens. The result of one year of creativity, fun, a bit of frustration and a lot of trial and error is complete.

Meet Chums, Terror of the Deep.

Chums, although a deadly predator, is more than happy to hold your pen, pencil, beef jerky or whatever else you dare put into his mouth.  He may be small at almost 4″ but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous, he comes well prepared with his bib should he accidently spill some blood and his 22 sharp teeth should be enough to make any thief think twice about touching your stuff.

Not only do you have a neat vinyl toy, but also the added functionality of making sure you never lose that really fancy fountain pen you got from your aunt that one christmas.

The Goal

Our goal in raising this money is to take our prototype and work with a factory to produce 2000 painted and packaged Chums. Specifically, the money will go toward four things: Casting the production mold, making many Chums, painting many Chums and packaging many Chums. We don’t plan to make a large profit on this first run. We simply want to take our creation and give him to the world at a reasonable price. Any money that we do make will be reinvested in making more and more little friends for people to enjoy. Now that you know how we intend to use your pledge, you can find the specifics about this fascinating species in the next sections.

Head on over to Chums’ Kickstarter page to contribute to the project and help make it a reality.

Plastic Culture x Thunderpanda – Perry the Sea Wanderer

Last seen at STGCC 2010 and now revealed in these production shots via Plastic Culture. Perry, designed by Thunderpanda stands around 8″ tall on his (finger-like) tentacles, and will join KID as part of the Wanderers series.

Background story of Perry the Sea Wanderer:

Traveling is a part of Perry’s life. From China sea, Medittarean sea, Barring Sea to Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, you name it. He has been there! He has friends from all over the world. His ear suggests that he might be related to a famous cartoon character. Until today, no one knows the real truth. It was rumored that the mother once met Mr. you-know-who in the island of Barbados.

Aarting Collection’s new site & Blankie Series 2!

Aarting Collection have a brand spanking new website and a new Blankie series.  Presenting, Aarting Collection’s Designer Series 2 winners!

Congratulations to Obos, Marieta, Scave, Lakoneko, Ready2Rumbl, Frank Mysterio, William, William Walison, Incorrectly Guessing, Checha, Jhan and Mawsy! Keep checking back for future updates and look for the new Blankies when they drop in Fall 2011!

VISEone reveals THINK-PINK-CELLE colourways

VISEone‘s THINK-PINK-CELLE figure is available soon as a very limited edition.  The “GREEN” colorway with pink transparent brain is limited to 15 pieces at THINK-PINK-CELLE.
There is a super rare PINK colorway limited to just 5 pieces, available soon only at VISEone’s shop.

The  transparent pink “JELLY EDITION” and the super rare “COMIC STRIPPED” edition will also only be available through VISEone’s shop soon.


Really love the idea of a comic filled toy (as shown in the video), I guess part of the mystery is exactly which comic each figure will contain ;]

The Yellow Dino X My Tummy Toys

Here’s a teaser of the Yellow Dino’s new toy, currently in progress at the dino kitchen due in 2011 from My Tummy Toys.  Stay tuned for future updates, following the toy from W.I.P. to release.

Jinny Series Zero – sneak peek

Something sneaky is afoot in the undergrowth.  Two of the eight amazing designs have been revealed, ‘Cat’ and ‘Armour’.

This is the first in a series of sneaky shots of the designs from the upcoming Bitbots Toys‘ Jinny Series Zero that we’ll be revealing each week until the official launch party / release on September 9th.

Stay tuned to Vinyl Abuse for more updates and other surprises ;)

Monster Massive “Bloody Bear” by Frank Kozik x Go Ventures

The 3.5″ doll is included with purchase of a VIP ticket to Monster Massive and can be picked up at a will-call booth at the event or from Boutique Muzique in Studio City, CA starting September 24th.

Designed by Frank Kozik, this unique black “Bloody Bear” features Kozik’s signature touches and has a dark Halloween feel to it.  The 13th annual edition of Monster Massive will take place on Saturday October 23rd, 2010 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, Grounds & Expo Park.
This Halloween themed music festival draws over 60,000 dance music diehards and this year features Moby, Carl Cox, John Digweed + much more.