James Yeah? Want cute custom toys with heaps of attitude? Then James Yeah? is your man. Well hello Mr Yeah? Hows tricks, whats new with you? Iā€™m pretty good ta. Just the usual, just doing bits of work here and there, waiting for summer to finally start properly so i can enjoy the sunshine and get out on my bike a bit more, there's only so much winter i can take. What have you been working on lately? Who's the latest additions to the James Yeah? family, would you like to introduce us to them. Working on quite a few bits and bobs, a 10inch yoka for a show, mighty muggs, James Jarvis toy, I'm trying to do a few more interesting shaped customs rather than the standard munny/dunnys, that's not to say i don't like making dunnys etc just i like to make different things now and again as it stops you falling into a creative black hole and just running off the same thing over and over. James Yeah What can we expect to see from James Yeah next? Anything exciting up your sleeves? If i told you what was hiding up my sleeves then it won't be a surprise when i show everyone! Nah, i'm working on my first resin toy but i'm still deciding what to do, i don't want to just release a toy without it being as awesome as i can make it. No point just releasing something mediocre is there? James Yeah Out of your most recent creations, do you have a special character you would like to single out or do you love them all equally and without prejudice? I've become really fond of making cats as you can probably tell from my last few customs. I just like making confused funny looking little animals, any excuse to make a confused animal and i'm there. In terms of your customisation work, any personal favourite projects that stand out? I suppose it would still be the Teddy Troop i made, Officer Tedlington. It's thanks to that toy i got vaguely recognised in the toy world, also because flying fortress purchased it from the show and he's one of my favourite artists, so it'll always be special to me. James Yeah What inspires you on a daily basis? My friends, music, my addiction to terrible daytime tv, other artists in the scene. Who's work are you enjoying at the moment? There will always be certain people I'll love because of their work and how they treated me when i came into the scene. Those guys are Okkle, Jon Paul Kaiser, Southerndrawl and Betso, Everything they do is gold in my eyes. Also i have to say i love the Subism guys, Phil Blake is amazing, N4T4 is easily one of the best graff artists in the uk in my eyes, stu for running it all and rootz. Those guys are all amazing. Also a big shout out to Gav from Jamfactory cause he's awesome as well. I'll also like to say Smallstuffstudios is doing good stuff and i'll be working with pepe soon on some cool projects. James Yeah Any particular designers or creatives exciting you with their aesthetics at present? Anyone you can tip us off as one to watch this year. Isn't that the same as the last question? ha. As before keep your eyes on Okkle, Betso, Southerndrawl, Jamfactory, Jon Paul Kaiser, Flying Fortress, SmallStuffstudio, Julie West. I could go on and on but those are who i always keep checks on in the toy world. James Yeah Any particular plans for the rest of the year? Vinyl toy related or otherwise. No plans yet, i'll be moving into a new flat soon and that's about it. I do have plans to release some toys with smallstuffstudio and my own resin toy at some point this year. Apart from that it's too have fun and ride bikes more! What would be your ultimate project or collaboration? That's a hard question, there's so many people i'd love to work with so i'm not going to answer just one person, all the people i said to keep an eye are are all people i'd love to work with and collaborate with at some point. Do you have anyone in mind when you design your characters. how often are they inspired by people you know? Never, I don't base any toys on anyone i know. James Yeah Describe your ideal day? My ideal day is quite simple, Friends, sunshine, bikes and trails and i'm a happy boy. Take us through your design process for one of your creations and how you name them? I don't think i really have a design process to be honest. The way i come up with a idea for a toy is to just have it sat infront of me all day until i get a decent enough idea to go ahead with, sometimes this takes 20 minutes other times i'll still be coming up with an idea/theme 2 weeks later. As for names, i just go with whatever suits the toy once i'm finished, occasionally i'll know half way through but usually it's just the end product of finishing a toy for me. Without a name it's just a thing, everything needs a name if you ask me. Favourite savoury snack of all time? This is probably the hardest question on here for me as i absolutely junk food, all kinds of junk food, the worse it is for me, the more i like it. Lately i've been quite hooked on eating Skips. What did you dream about last night? I can never remember my dreams! THE END! You can find out more about James Yeah? at his website, or check out his work on his flickr. Interviewed by Fran Pearce.