Hey Hey Its Nathan J Hi Nathan. How are you doing?
Very well... sleepy (as usual).
and how is Andrew (the imaginary friend)?
Hard at work taking up the slack.
What are you working on at the moment?
Almost at the end of an intense animated project (90 x 10 second shorts) based on my minitreehouse series one characters. It's been exciting and a big learning experience.
Nathan Jerevicius What does the average Nathan J day involve, if there is such a thing as an average day? It does vary depending on the projects...but lately an average day has me waking up around 8am (by liz and kids) after going to bed around 3am. Having breakfast, helping to get the kids to school then leaving around 9:30am to a small shared studio on Queen Street in Toronto - spending about 3 hours working on a number of projects then heading over to a production studio (CORE) to do animation approval rounds and reviews on renders. This normally goes for about 3 hours - then I head back to the studio - check emails, finish up more work and then head back home around 6pm. Have dinner, do family stuff, put kids to bed and then sit on the couch with a large pot of tea and do work/emails. ...and what is the one thing everyone would have to do if there was ever an international Nathan J Day? Drink about 7 cups of green tea and eat toasted cheese bagels. What's up next from the Scary Girl camp? Working on a new series of Scarygirl mini toys and a redesign of the website. Nathan Jerevicius Anything else we should know about? Like industrial secrets that you been wanting to tell someone but never remembered to tell them at the time! Andrew keeps all the secrets - you'll have to ask him. The still images (paintings, drawings), the animations (seeing your 2D world move about) or the toys (seeing your 2D world become 3D), which of these gives you the most satisfaction? Seeing my work animated (well) is very satisfying. Nathan Jerevicius Nathan Jerevicius What's the one thing you are waiting for someone to ask you to do? You must have a big idea tucked away somewhere, a fantasy project! A theme park for kids and adults. Is Scary Girl and the Treehouse characters now a full time job (both art and toys etc), or do you still have to keep bringing in the commercial work? They keep me extremely busy but i still have time for commercial projects. I enjoy taking on the occassional tv ad or editorial illustration. Your artwork seems simple to the casual viewer - lots of solid colour and crisp clean lines. On closer inspection the detail is what makes your work stand above the rest. How do you know when to stop working on a piece of artwork? Deadlines! Nathan Jerevicius If you weren't doing what you do now, what would you like to be doing? A film reviewer. When was the last time you wore speedos? 1980 In the film Something 'Vicius: The Nathan Jurevicius Story' who would play you? If he was alive - River Phoenix What in the world of vinyl toys have you seen recently that made you think "wow, that's a bit good!"? Mr Waverley by James Jarvis If you could be equipped with one Inspector Gadget like inner- gadget, what would that gadget be? Helicopter hat (aka Gadget Copter) Nathan Jerevicius You get to travel around the world, exhibiting your paintings, approving prototypes (or demanding alterations) of your toys, you have armies of collectors and masses adoring fans, a million cute japanese girls want your babies (new babies, not to kidnap your existing ones). Can you take the VA crew with you next time you go somewhere fancy? I like how you think my life is...the reality is a lot more mundane - the VA crew might be pretty bored following me around. What are your traveling plans for the year? Any chance that you will step ashore in the UK? I'm heading to texas next month and then a possible a trip to Germany and France later in the year. I love London so much (used to live there) and would really like to go back. If someone's willing to fly me over and put me up I'd be happy to make the trip! Thankyou Nathan Jerevicius for this months interview.