JLed's First Independent Vinyl - Fire-Cat

JLed’s First Independent Vinyl – Fire-Cat

Joe Ledbetter (aka: J.Led) is releasing Fire-Cat, his first independent vinyl toy. Joe revamped Fire-Cat for this pivotal project, giving one of his most iconic and sought-after characters an update. Producing, funding and designing this project himself, Fire-Cat is a limited edition of just 400 pieces...
Before ED-IT by Tesselate

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‘Before ED-IT’ is the new range of handmade resin robots by Tesselate; which detail the life of the ED-IT DJ’s before they formed the group.
Boards Don't Hit Back - Custom Paw by Pause

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Pause just finished up this custom Paw for a collector; titled "Boards Don't Hit Back". Loosely based on the final battle scene in Enter The Dragon.
GoNuts Toy Launch @ Drop Dead Clothing

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Drop Dead Clothing Proudly Presents their new GoNuts Toy.
On Saturday 1th August, get your hands on the new 6 inch collectible vinyl toy and eat some free donuts while you're there!

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Touma Touma Touma

Touma is having his first show in the US, preseted by mixi-bang!. The show sees the premiere of Touma's new Aniballoon figure, with a few exhibition exclusive colourways available on the night (along with a host of other surprises). Work by other artists will be on show, including pieces by Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, David Hovarth, Tokidoki, Joe Ledbetter, Mad and Nakanari & Bloo Empire. Sounds like a great show - the opening reception is on 10th December at mixi-bang! 36 W. Colorado Blvd. #5, Pasadena, CA 91105 - so head along for free booze and a great night, with some serious talent to mingle with!

Huck Gee

Please spare a few moments for Huck Gee by reading his story. A few things are in development and there is a chance you will be able to actively participate. Stay tuned to the forum and we will let you know how things develop.

Joe Ledbetter: Sharpie Series Decks

Joe Ledbetter has sharpied on 23 decks for the Monkey Store's third in its series of unique artworks. These are going to be seriously hot property - they go on sale at 12 noon (PST) today (Wednesday 16th November). UPDATE: These all sold out in record time - 3 minutes apparently.

Wipeout Pure Omega Pack – Vids & Pics

As promised :) ...56k'ers CLICK BACK NOW!!!!! broadbanders jus slide on by.. BURGERTOWN RACES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PARIS HAIR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARDCITY RACES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 123KLAN RACEWAY

Dunny – festive season release bonanza!

Kidrobot have released pics and info of new releases coming in December and they all look pretty amazing, check them out below along with release dates: Coming December 1st This amazing 8" Tattoo Dunny by Huck Gee is limited to 2000 pieces This Dunny is the Bling bling for Yoyamart 8" by JD which is limited to 600 pieces! Coming December 8th These two quirky creations by DOMA are my personal favourites but I can't quite explain why.. the red is limited to 1500 pieces and the blue is limited to 1500 pieces. Coming December 29th Here's one to maybe add to your christmas list (despite being released after christmas itself) This is a cool piece by Sket One. The Tut (red/blue) Dunny comes with plenty accessories and looks produced to a very high standard.. the red version is really limited at only 200 pieces and is only available at kidrobot. The blue version is limited to 2000 pieces and will be available from January 5th at KR and other online/offline retailers. *update* A selection of these are available for pre-order at Tokyo Toystore EDIT BY SOULJEI Unsung also forgot to mention that there is also a TILT dunny coming out this month, check it out... Very sexy... i got mine bagged up from Future Plastik You may need to PM him on the forum for more information.

Custom 12″ Vinyl

Wear-it-with-pride, started a new project not long ago... they had to customise 12" vinyl, similar to the project ourselves and Future Plastik are working on. Some of the artists that worked on the 12" vinyl for wear-it-with-pride included Jon Burgerman, TADO and the almighty Superdeux. Check out more information at http://www.wearitwithpride.com/wiwpremixed/ and http://www.wearitwithpride.com/wiwpremixed/pics.htm

Matsuri Art Festival – 20th November

Live painting and toy customising by some of our favourites including Jon Burgerman, JAKe, Pete Fowler and many more!
93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane E1 6QN More info.

Teddy Troop by Honk

In recent months, KR forum members have been treated to a mountain of jawdropping custom dunnys by art director, Honk.
Click image
This time Honk tackles the canvas of the Teddy Troop. Teddy troops just make me drool, so any TT custom gets in my good books, but this one deserves a good book all to itself! Perfect execution. It's just jam packed with detail, and the colours are spot on! I love the aged white colour of the octopus style character :thumb: Look out for Honk's work on display at El Kartel in the future.More HONK custom work here.

Neth Creatures

"Neth creatures is a project that has been in development for over two years. The Series 1 collection comprises nine unique figures in three forms and three different styles: Natural, Brushed and Flora. All the figures share a common metal center piece that allows the tops, bottoms and arms of all figures to be interchanged."Click the image for a nice hi res look at these things! We first saw these a few monthes back at the SDCC. They really stand out amongst the other vinyl at the moment, and it's always great when you have the option of changing parts and creating your own characters. Never a dull day now! From what I hear, they are priced quite reasonably too! Doh... if only I had a job and some money! :fight:

Jay Ryan – Mammals Making Lists – Dec 3rd

"The Richard Goodall Gallery presents a special exclusive one day Jay Ryan extravaganza and book signing, with the publication of his first book of posters, '100 posters 134 squirrels'.The book chronicles Jay's amazing poster work and is available exclusively through the Richard Goodall Gallery."
Jay Ryan poster work www.richardgoodallgallery.com Richard Goodall Gallery, Thomas Street, Manchester

NEW silkscreen printed books from Andy Smith

'We are the target people' and 'They quickly ran from the enormous finger' are 2 NEW silkscreen printed books from Andy Smith. They are available from Playlounge, Magma and Andy's online shop. Go get um, they look pretty :thumb:

Sarah Lucas at Tate Liverpool

Ok, so she isn't everybodies cup of tea, but in my opinion She is one of the only remaining YBA's who still produces great work. Her new solo exhibition at the Tate Liverpool is the first of it's kind in the UK. I made the trip to Liverpool on Sunday to check it out, and I really do recommend it! If I remember rightly, there were 4 large rooms dedicated to the exhibition, so there is quite a collection of work there! More Info here