JLed's First Independent Vinyl - Fire-Cat

JLed’s First Independent Vinyl – Fire-Cat

Joe Ledbetter (aka: J.Led) is releasing Fire-Cat, his first independent vinyl toy. Joe revamped Fire-Cat for this pivotal project, giving one of his most iconic and sought-after characters an update. Producing, funding and designing this project himself, Fire-Cat is a limited edition of just 400 pieces...
Before ED-IT by Tesselate

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‘Before ED-IT’ is the new range of handmade resin robots by Tesselate; which detail the life of the ED-IT DJ’s before they formed the group.
Boards Don't Hit Back - Custom Paw by Pause

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Pause just finished up this custom Paw for a collector; titled "Boards Don't Hit Back". Loosely based on the final battle scene in Enter The Dragon.
GoNuts Toy Launch @ Drop Dead Clothing

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Drop Dead Clothing Proudly Presents their new GoNuts Toy.
On Saturday 1th August, get your hands on the new 6 inch collectible vinyl toy and eat some free donuts while you're there!

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Yo ho ahoy all you Londoners! Today saw the opening of the Black Convoy exhibition at the Jaguar Shoes Gallery, 17 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch. The exhibition features work from next months interviewee Jon Burgerman. Go check it out... and then write a report on it, with lots of photos! The show runs til the 14th September.

Send your answers on a postcard to…

Roll up, Roll up! It's competition time! Up for grabs is this rather splendid looking 8" red Baseman Dunny, kindly donated by Octane3. To be in with a chance of winning, all we're asking you to do is submit your photos of/or artwork depicting... the 'abuse of vinyl'. This could simply be a little poke to your sweaty bearbrick(I'd like to see more though...), or a full on masacre of your Leonardo da Vinci 8" custom egg qee! It's upto you... just depends how much you want the prize! You can submit as many entries as you like, and entries must be in by the 30th September. You can submit your photos/art in the Competition forum.

Letterpressed goodies!

As expected, Nathan Jurevicius' letterpressed design is a beauty, and goes on sale soon! The run has been increased to 750, from the previous 500 and is the first card to feature a two colour print. Coming soon... Letterpressed will be offering gift packs, which will include 5(one from each artist) letterpressed designs from: Ron Rege TADO MCA Joe Ledbetter and Nathan Jurevicius Coming soon... future letterpressed cards will feature designs from Bwana Spoons, Luke Chueh, Jeremiah Ketner and Thomas Han. Keep your eyes open, these are rather beautiful things... and will no doubt sell like hot cakes!! More info at Letterpressed.

20″ El Loco Dunny is born!

September 8ths marks the arrival of kidrobots 20" Triston Eaton blue el loco dunny. This big boy is limited to just 100 pieces at $249.95 (so expect them to sell out very fast, and to cause the kidrobot online store a big headache) Good luck to those who wanted one!

Vinyl Abuse x Future Plastik sneaks!

This is the brainchild of a Mr Futureplastik! So far 26 artists have put their names forward to jazz up some jazz (records). Some speedfreaks have been busy and already knocked out their work... here's a sneak of some of them! The Great Attractor from Doktor A... Double sided stencil goodness from Hixtril... Creepyness from Schnook... More info and a list of artists can be found at Future Plastik.


Wahey, thanks to Jay, Stu and of course myself... Vinyl Abuse was born (feet first) into this world on the 07 September 2005. He weighed 3lbs... Anyhoo, thanks to this months interviewees Peskimo for their help and the banners they so kindly created for us! They rock, so go show them some love at www.peskimo.com Thanks to those who have kindly donated reviews, graphics, interviews(Mr J Burgerman), articles, images and their time to vinyl abuse. Thanks to all those who joined the forum, whilst the main site was still in Stu's womb. Quick request: Those who would like to continue the good vibe and wish to donate reviews or articles, then PM me and I'll give you a big.... smile! We're also hoping to get some competitions up and running, so anyone who could help with those, it'd be much appreciated! We've already had support from the magical Tokyo Toy Store! Lots of love and free vinyl to all! x x x

Furry Girl by Dave Cooper

These initial clay sculpts of Dave Cooper's new critterbox creation 'Furry Girl' look rather snazzy indeed! The sculpt was created by the uber talented Colin Batty who is also responsible for Dave Cooper's 'Eddy' & 'Pip' and the Tim Biskup Helper, and many a stop-motion character including the upcoming Corpse Bride. These clay sculpts will be used to create the 'Furry Girl' statuette. Furry Girl will come complete with a removeable bear suit, which will reveal little transparent underwear! woo! Naughty vinyl!

Have a heart…Give a T-Shirt a new home!

The T-Shirt club is an excellent concept, and something us Brit's were in dying need of! A new t-shirt design will be released every few weeks. The first design is lovely, and comes from the mind of David and Jodie(aka Peskimo). Each print is limited to just 60 prints, and are all hand numbered. From the preview, the print quality looks spot on! The first batch should be ready for despatch next week, but preorders are being taken now. In the next few weeks, expect designs from swam(aka tesselate) and mimic!

Mr. Jago x Addict Clothing – CamoBots

The new CamoBots which are a collaboration between Mr. Jago and Addict Clothing are 10" Vinyl Figures which due to be released in september and come in 5 colour-ways. 4 colour-ways where produced for Addict Clothing with a special red colour-way also produced for Adfunture. Gotta love the black and pink Sentinel The Addict colour-ways And the special Adfunture colour-way.

Doodlebug 2005

The streets, or should I say, windows of Manchester will no longer be the same! The windows of the Cornerhouse gallery/cinema are now packed with doodles, making it look like Christmas has come early! The oh-so-busy Mike and Katie have been at it again! This time they've treated us to a 9ft high window display! Bootyful I say! If you're in the area, then it's well worth a visit, the walls of the Cornerhouse cafe are also crammed with art by locals such as Lynsey Casson. More images at doodlebug 2005

Designer Merchandise

This months Computer Arts magazine features a hefty article on designer merchandise and how its taking off.  This features t-shirt prints and also vinyl toys and more, its worth a read, if you can spare £6 or just read it in WHSmith. Also in Digitial Creative Arts magazine peskimo has a double page spread showcasing some of their work in their portfolio! http://www.computerarts.co.uk/about_us/latest_issue/computer_arts_issue_114

KidRobot’s answer to DIY vinyl

For a while now people have been waiting on KidRobot (from here on refered to a KR) to release a DIY Dunny but instead have had to settle with buying exisiting designs and using them to make their customs. Well good news, KR have released a DIY toy but it isn't Dunny but rather a new form resembling a monkey Say hello to Munny: Click Munny to see more The new Munny DIY is 7" tall and will be released in White, Black and Glow in the Dark variants. Munny will also come with four mystery settings which include a crown, banana, TNT and... Poo Munny will also come with one of three colouring books. Munny is available on 3rd November. you can discuss Munny further on the VA forums