Before ED-IT by Tesselate

Before ED-IT by Tesselate

‘Before ED-IT’ is the new range of handmade resin robots by Tesselate; which detail the life of the ED-IT DJ’s before they formed the group.
Boards Don't Hit Back - Custom Paw by Pause

Boards Don’t Hit Back – Custom Paw by Pause

Pause just finished up this custom Paw for a collector; titled "Boards Don't Hit Back". Loosely based on the final battle scene in Enter The Dragon.
GoNuts Toy Launch @ Drop Dead Clothing

GoNuts Toy Launch @ Drop Dead Clothing

Drop Dead Clothing Proudly Presents their new GoNuts Toy.
On Saturday 1th August, get your hands on the new 6 inch collectible vinyl toy and eat some free donuts while you're there!

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Mimushi – Wood is the new vinyl?


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“These wooden figurines are meticulously crafted by hand, one by one. Although they have similarities, none of them looks the same as the next one, making each piece as unique as it gets. Due to its meticulous process and dedication, we are only able to produce up to 80 a month; to date only 119 have been produced, and we’ve moved on to the next series. Quantities, as you can see, are very limited, and unlike other limited editions, this is not deliberate; it’s just the nature of it. Whoever gets their hands on one of these, will enjoy a true collectible that very few people in the world will be able to have. Oh, and an added bonus: the box is a fine work of art in itself!”

Really awesome character work/form (hopefully we’ll see some great custom work) and eco-friendly considerations from Mimushi, who says vinyl has to be vinyl? What with Kidrobot’s wooden Dunnys too maybe we’re set to see an increase in wooden and eco-friendly toys. Nothing but goodness if the standard of work is as high as produced here.

We Ain’t Plastic Qee Exhibit


TOY2R announces the WE AIN’T PLASTIC Qee Exhibit being held in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 2nd. (6-11pm)
Over 40 artist from the Lincoln and Omaha area are submitting customized 8″ DIY Qees for this exhibit celebrating the first anniversary of the TOY2R US division. This event will showcase some of the hottest design talent in the Midwest area and will serve as the launch for the 2010 Qee Worldwide Tour which celebrates the 15th Anniversary of TOY2R!

In addition, special guest artists are submitting original Qee customs from across the country, including Jay222′s Twin 16″ Qee creation, Pablo y Francisco!
TOY2R will be showcasing some of their newest releases and some surprises, not to be missed!
The event will be held at The Public (11th and O St. inside The Black Market). DJ Nost and DJ Trinidad will be battling it out. There will also be lots of free giveaways and special door prizes – so don’t miss out.

Hit the jump for a full list of artists and special guest artists..


Reservoir Dogs x Qee Project


TOY2R announces the concepts that were originally seen during Toy Fair earlier this year are now available. In collaboration with Lionsgate, TOY2R has put together an “inspired by” assortment based on the look, theme and classic moments from Quentin Tarantino’s debut 1992 film, Reservoir Dogs.


In celebration of this milestone movie and in honor of Tarantino’s current box office hit, Inglourious Basterds, TOY2R is proud to release this Qee Collection. First up are the 2.5″ Qees – a 25pc blind box collection. From Mr. Black to Mr. White – the gang is all here!

Also available are Mr. Black, Mr. Brown, and Mr. White in 8″ Qee form. Window boxed and ready for display.

Mekazoo’s Mechador – Robolucha Custom Show @ Milk Gallery



These are the pics of Mekazoo’s custom Robolucha named MECHADOR for the ROBOLUCHA CUSTOM SHOW by Patchtogether that will start on 15 september at Milk Gallery Istanbul/Turkey and then will travel to Germany,France and England.

The custom show includes 35 artists from all over the world. Here are the other customs for the show @Flickr

VANNEN watches – Series 1



The highly anticipated first collection of Vannen Watches is now available exclusively at VANNENWATCHES.COM.

The inaugural series invites you to experience a new world where art meets fashion.  And at $65 per timepiece, anyone can afford to have art wrapped around his or her wrist.
Created on the premise that this genre of wearable art would never get made otherwise, founder David Stowe and an amazing lineup of artists have come together to bring Vannen to life.  The first collection of Vannen Watches features designs by Buff Monster, Brian Morris, Chris Ryniak and Damon Soule.

Individually inspected, assembled and packaged by hand in the USA, every watch is treated like a true piece of art.  Each selected artist is given a plastic watch as a canvas to showcase their original artwork and connect with the world.  Constructing wearable art that is both functional and accessible – but still exclusive – Vannen has given the public a fun new way to show their taste in art and fashion and support a new movement in artistic achievement.  And all artists design their own custom packaging.

more info after the jump..


Halloween Gohst Squadt – GID (chase?)


Quite a while off Halloween yet, but Jamungo always celebrate in style with an awesome new release.  Many things are being hinted at on the Collect and Destroy forums, the above being one of many teasers.

Looks like a special GID (could be a limited number of GID chase figures) Gohst Squadt will be on the way. It also, may or may not have a skeletal body. Jjudging by the box art (which we’re forbidden to post for now), something should be skeletal about it.

If you aren’t a collector of Squadts, I can safely say you WILL want the Halloween variant and yes different parts will be GID and it looks like there’s gonna be two Halloween colourways.. I’d say/show more but it would result in my IP being banned from the Restricted Access Area -_- ..and I don’t wanna spoil the surprise too lol

Quickly the exits! :]

TOY2R presents Emilio Garcia’s Jumping Brain


TOY2R proudly announces that it is now collaborating with Emilio Garcia to bring his Jumping Brain figure to life. From Zipper Pulls to Large Scale and even DIY versions, the Jumping Brain is poised to take its big leap into the designer toy realm of retail.

Apex Trading Company is currently taking preorders for all products and TOY2R will be making the figures available worldwide.”

Really pleased to see Emilio collabing with TOY2R, looking forward to new colourways, GID? Kaiju paintjobs? Artist Series? :] exciting times indeed lol congrats Emilio

Plaseebo’s “Frigiscare” @ Toy Karma 2


frigiscare_p1_led frigiscare_p1

Plaseebo will debut  a new “Great American Kaiju” figure in the “Toy Karma 2” show at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago opening on September 5th.

The “Frigiscare” monster (Kaiju) is a custom one of a kind color-way hand roto-cast resin prototype from an original sculpt by Bob Conge. The figure is 9 inches high with a removable head that reveals a compartment containing a switched color changing led unit that illuminates the entire figure in a darkened room. the Frigiscare monster also has a refrigerator imbedded in his chest with an opening door.

Not sure why, but it reminds me of Ghostbusters, has that classic monster vibe in the pose.. maybe it’s the monsters in the fridge thing? :] Sweet either way and would love to own one

Hit the jump for the character backstory..


Erick Scarecrow Sama-Lord – Super Group Suck Off 2


Here’s a shot of Erick Scarecrow’s custom figure, Sama-Lord for the upcoming SUCKADELIC show at the APW Gallery – 09/04/09 from 6pm-9pm.

“It’s an original sculpt/design that mixes my Papa Sama and Sucklord 600 that’s limited to 2pcs for the event. The figure comes with a removable saber, Boom Box Shroom and sealed in the box. See you there.”

Damn, would love to see more of these produced, even as just a limited handmade run, love the boba fett vibe and cape :] noooice!

Chris Ryniak’s Freyja


“Long before the civilization of and the natural world thrived.  With an uncompromising power to create, destroy and re-grow to fit the needs of its self-sustaining planet, nature was a perfect machine, billions of years in the making. Freyja is the embodiment of that power that many have grown to ignore to pursue the cerebral endeavors of humanity.  Protector and custodian of the flora and fauna that continues to flourish while the world of man inches toward extinction.  Freyja waits patiently until the day when the world is balanced once again.”

The original form was sculpted by Chris Ryniak and hand cast by Mana Studios in siltec resin (hand painted, signed and numbered by Chris).

The Dragon*Con colorway marks the sculpture’s debut and will be in an edition of 40.
This piece is just less than 7” tall and will retail for $85.

Beat Up Boxer – PreOrders


Go get um while (if) you still can, looking forward to future colourways though, personally not too fond of the zomb

Bruce Lee King – 2PR x OSB


24 BLK’s (Bruce Lee King) all hand made by 2PR and painted by OSB figure artist Sick8oy:Custom.

Production will be split into 2 versions:
12 Game of Death with the classic Hakim footprint, Kombat King style!!
12 Enter the Dragon, blooded after fighting with hard ass Han!

Will be exclusivly for sale at OneSixthBruce
For more info check Breaker’s Revenge