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YOUZA org ( the original YOUZA ) came from the world full of inspiration and imagination. It has a versatile character, where it able to change its form into something that influence the character itself. The word YOUZA was taken from a Japanese word "Youzai" which means flux or constantly changing. An imposing character at 10 inches with a menacing cylon-like gaze, what's not to like :D Hit the jump for more pics&info YOUZA org will always transform consecutively as well as the influences that came itself along the way, giving a whole new enlightment of bright and fresh ideas. Even though, YOUZA itself will always stands in its own identity, character, and soul that can always be seen and feel through the face and body. The prototype itself stands approximately 10 inches tall. The status of YOUZA org is still a prototype for now but hopefully it would be in production soon.

Erick Scarecrow NYCC – 2009 releases!!

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In 2 weeks we will debut Erick Scarecrow's triple threat of releases at the New York Comic Con Esc-Toy booth #864. Here is the full unveil of the figures below.

  1. Medusa 10.5" vinyl figure, "Black Mamba" colorway limited to 500pcs. worldwide.............$54.99 *Special*
  2. Medusa Stone Shiitake 3" resin, hand painted figure limited to 50pcs. worldwide. Signed & numbered by artist...................$14.99
  3. Muraida 10" vinyl figure, "Magma" color way limited to 200pcs. worldwide.............$49.99
tl;dr - ESC toys continue to release awesome toys, buy them at NYCC :P Really impressed by the Muraida Magma piece, really nice sculpt and paintjob that a fusion of western and kaiju styles :D More pics and info after the jump

Erick Scarecrow signing schedule is as follows:
Fri. 02/06/09-12PM to 4PM
Sat. 02/07/09-10AM to 4PM
Sun. 02/08/09-10AM to 4PM
*Subject to change without notice* All goods are first come, first serve. We will accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard payments. We will have other Erick Scarecrow goods in stock. Thank you and see you there!


Alex Pardee and Upper Playground have teamed up to create a Walrus figure set for release in early February. The figure features Alex Pardee’s signature characters, along with his interpretation of the Upper Playground Walrus. The vinyl figure is in its early stages of development.  One of the first steps in the creation of a figure is a wax rendering and pictures of one of the early prototypes, along with Pardee’s notes are attached.

Can't wait to see further progress on Upper Playgrounds iconic walrus character, stay tuned for further upades :]

Hit the jump for more info on Alex Pardee and Upper Playground

About Alex Pardee: Alex Pardee’s unique style is one conceived through watching years of horror movies, writing graffiti and listening to gangster rap.  His pieces are often brought to life by translating random shapes and colors into signs of torment and absurdity.  By juxtaposing these two conflicting moods, Alex makes his works more personal to his viewers, forcing them to project their own feelings and emotions onto each character in his twisted universe. Alex Pardee’s devotion to his art has gained the attention of Warner Bros., Reprise Records, Freeze Management, Hurley International, KidRobot, Twenty Twenty Skateboards, and more. In 2004, he was tapped by the gold-selling rock group The Used to design the artwork for their album, "In Love and Death."  Alex’s designs were not only applied to record, but also the band’s merchandise, website, marketing campaign, and the music video for the single “All That I’ve Got.”  More recently, Alex has been working with Def Jux recording artist CAGE, as well as STREET DRUM CORPS, TOP-R, EL-P, and high-fashion designer Dr. Romanelli.

About Upper Playground: Based in San Francisco, CA, Upper Playground is the leader in today’s progressive art movement with its innovative apparel and accessories line and art galleries.  Since 1999, Upper Playground has been recognized as a catalyst for the fusion of fashion with fine art.  UP apparel and accessories are designed by local and international artists including Sam Flores, Jeremy Fish, Estevan Oriol, David Choe, and Alex Pardee.  The Upper Playground collection is sold in over 300 boutiques worldwide and online.  In addition, Upper Playground has stores and galleries in San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New York, and London.

Toy Break – Episode 60: Plushisode Part 1

Download - wmv (windows media) :: mp4 (ipod friendly) :: small mp4 (smaller, lower res) Show Notes - This week we have a plushtastic episode full of small Mousey Miccis from Erick Scarecrow, Raul from Fuzzy Balls, gini-gini from Ru Sun, Canned Haminal from Crystal Chesney Thompson, Teddy Scares from Applehead Factory, lots of voicemails and more! Tear into those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and join us for a Toy Break!

Winners of the Great Monskey Design Contest

Angry Zen Master ran a competition back in October (as posted here) to design a Monskey toy, with the winners to be included in the next series. Well, results are now in, so follow the link to check out the winning designs :)

Toy Break – Episode 59: Winter VTN Review!

Download - wmv (windows media) :: mp4 (ipod friendly) :: small mp4 (low res)

Show Notes - Join us for a look at some of the great stuff from Winter Vinyl Toy Network 2008 including Doktor A's Stephen Le Podd, Killa Instinct from Marka27, Sikk At The Circus from Mr. Dandy, the goody bag, and more! Grab a fresh gingerbread cookie and sit back for a Toy Break!

PatchTogether – Robolucha released

Robolucha is the first robotic Mexican wrestler. Concept is influenced by the clothing style of the lucha libres. Robolucha have 2 faces, you can change face appearance by turning his head. Get ready to rumble !!! Designed by Mekazoo and available now at Patch Together limited 300 per colorway! Height: 6 inch Colour: Yellow/Black, Red/Blue, Orange/Grey Regular Price: $45 Sale Price: $35

TOY2R pop up store #2 + Give less fruitcake, buy more art! Exhibit

TOY2R proudly announces the second POP UP STORE – this time in Philly in conjunction with the group exhibit: GIVE LESS FRUITCAKE, BUY MORE ART!, opening at T&P Fine Art on December 5th at 7:00pm. The exhibit will include artwork by: Andy B. Clarkson, Angry Woebots, Benjamin Soto, Bob Dob, Brandon Friend, Brian M. Viveros, Chris Clark, Crazy Jake, Damion Silver, Dan May, Daniel Elson, Dave Pressler, Deborah Brackenbury, Ephameron, Food One, GALO, Isaac Pierro, Joe Grady, Joka, Kate Westerholt, Kevin Knight, Mad One, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Mark Bodnar, Misha, Morning Breath, Nathan Stapley, Parker Jacobs, Peter Chan, Rob Schwager, Sarah Folkman, Scott Musgrove, Steven Cerio, and Urban Medium While the exhibit carries on – T & P will also feature TOY2R products by FRANK KOZIK and others. Figures will be on sale and display from December 5th through the 28th! Time to ring in the holidays with great art and some cool figures. T & P FINE ART can be found at 1143 South 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 17147. Hours of operation: WED through SUN 3-9PM.

Vladimir – Ice Edition

This Friday Dec.5th 12 Noon EST!!! Due to the sucess of the 1st edition Vladimir resin release from Jared Deal & Argonaut Resins, the guys have decided to release wave 2 just in time for your holiday shopping.  Wave 2 will consist of about 10 figures with the 1st 6 being released this Friday. All figures will come complete w/ signed certificate of authenticity & wax sealed envelope & mini print.  Visit this Friday to get your Vlad! The last edition disappeared in only a few hours so get those mouse clicking fingers ready!

Carnival Cartoons – Pierce the Human Pincushion and Nathan the Dog-Faced Boy

"Pierce and Dogboy are the Carney family mischief makers!  Pierce is the quintessential bratty younger brother, and Dogboy is Pierce's pal, a loving pet, and...  a fur covered wingman!  Pierce relishes his gross-out gig as "The Human Pincushion" in the family sideshow act.  (He's got more holes than a boardwalk put-put course).  When Dogboy isn't doing double duty as the family's household hound, and Pierce's partner in crime, he wows the crowds at Barker's sideshow with his furry face  and outrageous animal antics!"

These are Jared Deal & Garnet Syberg-Olsen's next 2 characters in their on going "Carneys" line.  Both characters sculpted by Eric Nocella Diaz.

The 2 characters (Pierce the Human Pincushion) and (Nathan the Dog-Faced Boy) will be packaged together. There will be 5 colorways released throughout the year.  The first being the 3D Retro VTN exclusive.  This edition is a mixture of black matte & black gloss with metallic gold logos & details.  Pierce comes complete with 5 actual piercings (2 in each ear & one in left brow).

Edition sizes are as follows: 3D Retro exclusive - 50 PCS. Plastic and Plush exclusive - 50 PCS. Monkeyhouse Toys exclusive - 50 PCS Carnival Cartoons Web Exclusive - 100 PCS Carnival Cartoons Classic edition - 250 PCS Pierce stands aprox. 5.5" tall while Nathan stands at 4" Set will come complete w/ signed mini print!

Only 50 of this edition so get em before the carnival leaves town!!!  Next stop VTN!!!

REVIEW: DarkHorseComics – Flocked Domo

The Domo Zombie Apocalypse has begun!

Following the success of DarkHorseComics' 8" Domo series, is a second series of Domo flocked vinyl figures this time at 5.5". The 5.5" Domo flocked vinyl figure comes in five colors: Classic Brown (limited edition), Olive Green (shown - limited edition of 800), Ruby Red (limited edition of 800), Earl Grey (limited edition of 800), and Polar White (limited edition of 500). Domo who?: Domo (どーもくん Dōmo-kun) is the mascot of Japan's NHK television station, appearing in several 30 second stop-motion sketches shown as station identification during shows. Domo is described as "a strange creature that hatched from an egg." Domo's favorite food is Japanese-style meat and potato stew, and he has a strong dislike for apples, due to an unexplained mystery in his DNA. Domo can only communicate via producing a low-pitched noise which sounds somewhat like his own name, but other characters appear to understand him. Domo-kun is known to pass gas repeatedly when nervous or upset. Domo also likes music, particularly Guitar Wolf and MAX, two real-life bands.
Hit the Jump for the review
Packaging: Quite a nice little package. There isn't much information on the packaging, It's straight forward with playful images of Domo on each side of the box.  The viewing window is big enough to see the full Domo figure in all his fluffy and flocked glory :D Vinyl: A great piece of vinyl, with no flaws.  The paint is spot on as it ought to be.  The flocking is great all over and also serves to hide any seams on the figure.  There isn't much detail in the character to begin with but this figure captures the essence of Domo.  Domo's arms can be moved and posed in various ways, seems fitting to have the green Domo in a zombie-like pose.   :D Downsides:(?) Technically not a downside, but it would have been nice if the legs could be posed aswell, who wouldn't want a lil Domo sitting on their desk?  Although it doesn't detract anything from the figure, I feel it would've been alot nicer to have glossy beads for the eyes. Quality: 8/10 Durability: 9/10 Fun: 9/10 Overall: 8.6/10 Despite the lack of articulation in the legs, Domo is a good solid figure and the smaller size is better suited to the simplistic Domo-Kun character than the 8" version. Definitely worth picking up. With various colourways, its easy to pick a Domo that suits your tastes. Awesome character, nice packaging and a sweet colourway *thumbs up*

Monster Workshop – Adopt a monster

Some new arrivals have just come into Monster Workshop, now available for adoption. The new blog features up-to-date developments at Monster Workshop, including new arrivals and latest raid information.

Love these lil dudes, real fluffy and kinda cute but with that weird ugly edge. Check out Stitches and Glue for more of Paul Vincett's work