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Merry Christmas from Vinyl Abuse!

From everyone on the VA team, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! :D Go Eat, Drink, Celebrate!
and stay tuned ;] ...

Burp Monster by Crazy Label x Peskimo

I love this toy. Andy Woo was kind enough to send one over and although the plan was to photograph it myself once I saw this photo on the Crazy Label site I fell in love with it and decided I had to use it instead.

This is a Peskimo design which will go very well with your Bamboozoo colleciton if you have one. And if not it is a gorgeous piece by itself. The translucent ghost like burp is perfectly opaque and wonderfully balanced.

It is 6" tall, limited to 800, released late november and the best part of this toy is that it's a mere $29 making is affordable which, with the economy as it is, is a welcome change from some other toy companies that charge the earth for their collectables. Each toy also comes with a mini poster featuring Monster Burp and on the reverse side has a short comic strip and a mini game. What more can you want.

Andy has also just popped up some photos of the clay models for the very exiting Treeson mini figure blind boxes.

People who know me know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Bubi's Treeson toys so I nearly wet myself with exitement when I saw these. We will try our best to keep you informed of the Treeson Blind Box news but in the mean time (well, from late November onwards) feel free to treat yourselves to the Burp Monster. Take my word for it, it's even better in person.

Toy2R USA!

Toy2R, creators of the iconics Qee series and one of the pioneers of the designer toy movement have proudly announced that they will be launching a new USA division. This will allow Toy2R to extend it's global presence, giving both retailers and collectors easier access to it's products.

It will also provide an opportunity for Toy2R to broaden it's licensed products range. After the success of the Simpsons Bart Qee range a new wave of Simpsons Qees will be unleashed (pure speculation but I'm thinking this may be the Homer series?), as well as...wait for it...Sonic The Hedgehog and Little Big Planet Qee lines! Even if you're not a fan of the commerical cross-overs you have to admit those sound pretty cool!

Well, rather than babble on about it ourselves why don't you check out the press release from Toy2R HQ after the jump! It's long but it's quite an interesting read, giving an nice insight into the future and past of this toy giant!

Toy2R, one of the pioneers in the designer toy business, is excited to announce the launch of Toy2R USA.   For more then 10 years, the iconic Toy2R Qee brand has been one of the most recognizable platforms in the designer toy genre.

Establishing a US office will allow Toy2R to expand their global presence. The US office will develop additional avenues of distribution so retailers and fans of Toy2R will have better access to products. Toy2R USA will continue to work with established artists and new, creative talent to grow the artistic element of the brand. The expansion will allow for exciting promotional and licensing opportunities, including Pop-Up stores, Toy2R licensed merchandise and a regular presence at designer toy shows, conventions and trade shows.

Toy2R will broaden its licensing program while continuing licensed projects with Diamond Comic Distributors. In 2009 look for new releases of the successful Simpsons Qee Series as well as Playstation’s Little Big Planet and SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog Qees (being presented through DCD at the Dallas Toy Fair this week) and many, many more.

Kevin Winnik, a 15-year veteran of the toy industry, will be President and Director of Toy2R USA.
About Toy2R:
Created out of an obsession for art toys and collectibles, Hong Kong based company Toy2R continues to break down the boundaries between product design, art and graphics.
Mastermind Raymond Choy founded the company in 1995 when he took his dream of a once owned toy store known as ‘Toy R’ (Short for ToyRaymond), which held countless quantities of limited edition toy collectibles,and turned it into an internationally recognized company. Toy2R was amongst the first to explore the potential of the designer toy, ultimately, instilling contemporary art into the vinyl toy market we all know and love today.
Our logo was taken from our most loved and cherished mascot ‘The Toyer.’ In 2001 Raymond released the skull-headed figure alongside what was to become the most ubiquitous toy canvas in the world, the Qee keychain figure.
Toy2R is a multi-faceted designer toy company. We take great pride in our determination at Toy2R to not only innovate but also inspire artists, designers and the world’s generation of youth alike. Our main objective is to provide limited/collectable designer/art toys at an affordable price, based on the coolest designs for the current international market.
Toy2R has received numerous internationally renowned awards for our outstanding achievements, winning the ‘Best Block Toy Award’; five consecutive years running, the ‘Most innovative Company Awards’, 2007 ToyAwards: Vinyl Toy of the Year from Plastic and, Best of Award 2007 from, and many more.
Toy2R continues to grow and influence the world while expanding the definition of art. You will find our Qee creations in more concept stores, galleries and museums worldwide. Join the “Qeevolution” because everyone wants to collect more Qee!
About Toy2R USA:
Kevin Winnik, a 15-year veteran of the toy industry, is President and Director of Toy2R USA. Kevin and Raymond Choy, creator of Toy2R and the Qee brand, share a vision for the potential growth of the designer toy category.  Kevin said, “I am excited about thispartnership with Toy2R.  I was introduced to Raymond and the Qee brand in 1998 and fell in love with the endless creative points of view that came out of the original designer toy platform, the Qee.  With the establishment of Toy2R USA we will explore a multitude of opportunities and new creative directions.”

Forum is Down

The Vinyl Abuse forum has been temporarily taken down due to issues with bandwidth consumption. We apologize & will do our best to make sure it's up and running again a.s.a.p. :]

VA Announcement – VA Community

Vinyl Abuse Community

As you (probably) already know, the forum has been down for a little over a week now and we've been attempting to fix the problem during that time but have instead opted to import all users and posts over to a new forum system.
We are now working on integrating a whole new experience for Vinyl Abuse users which will be the all new "VinylAbuse: Community" "VinylAbuse: Community" Features:
  • Extensive forum system - user reputation system, ranking, custom titles, chatroom etc.. (new features/plugins to be added)
  • User Profiles - Facebook/Myspace-like users profiles with customizable styles, friends lists, personal music players and photo galleries.
  • User Blogs - Personal blogs for each user that are directly tied to profiles and may be chosen to be featured on forum navbar and the future VA homepage.
  • Advertising - Got a toy, project, shop, website that you'd like to advertise? Well with the future community you'll be able to get the word out with banner ads and the option of having a featured blog with related news.
We're working hard on bringing you a better VinylAbuse and an awesomely improved community/hub for Vinyl, Art and Design enthusiasts to get together.  Hopefully you'll stick along for the ride. :D Stu aka UnsungZero, VA Team

VA forum – announcement

To all our users, We're sorry for the downtime of the forum lately.  This is due to a problem (we think) with the recent forum upgrade which is causing our server to be strained, even in low web traffic conditions.  Fear not, functionality of the main site shouldn't be affected but we realise how important the forum is and we ARE working on fixing the issue as I write this post.  If we're unable to sort the problem then we'll more than likely go back to the old forum software and then go from there. Cheers, ~ Unsungzero (Vinyl Abuse Team)

VA Upgrade

If you notice any errors or anything not quite working as it used to both on here, aswell as on the forum then please post a message on this forum thread. We are currently in the process of upgrading the news system, forum, interviews & articles pages preparing for our new website. You may not notice anything too great cosmetically, mainly function - until around August when the new site will launch. ~ VA Team ~ I'd also like to add that we're looking for some feedback as to what you (our users) would like for Version 3 of the site - see THIS thread ~unsungzero

Moody Idols Show

moodyidols.png Moody Idols, featuring customs by local and international artists, opened on November 9 and runs until January 11, 2008 at the University of Lethbridge’s Helen Christou Gallery. The U of L is home to one of the most significant holdings of art in Canada with over 13,000 objects. The U of L Art Gallery maintains the collection, organizes on campus and touring exhibitions and provides access to the collection as part of the Faculty of Fine Arts. The Helen Christou Gallery provides a significant increase in public access because it is located in a prominent location that is part of the main pedestrian route for visitors and students. Because of its unique location, Moody Idols will potentially be seen by over 9,000 students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus. The show was organized by guest curator/artist Ted Stilson and Bovinyl Moody Idols was a year and a half in the making and includes a diverse group of 47 artists representing 10 countries. The Moody Idols show not only showcases 53 custom Moody’s, it is also designed to educate students, faculty and the public about designer vinyl toy culture and the ‘low brow’ art movement. Over 100 toys, plush, original art, prints and publications, ranging from 3” Dunny’s to a pencil sketch by Scott Musgrove, have been included as part of the show. Two video monitors and headsets have also been installed which show a variety of stop-action videos and the recently released ‘Toys Are Us – a Revolution in Plastic’ documentary by XRay Films. Moody Custom by Cameron Tiede marka27.png indigest-indigo-facetoface.jpg Cameron Tiede (United States); Victor ‘Marka27’ Quinonez (United States); Ayako ‘Uamou’ Takagi (Japan); PhuEK (Singapore); Aaron Keeling (Canada); Tyson Summers (United States); ‘The Fiend’ (UK); Tan-Ki (France); Brandon Sopinsky (United States); Shin Tanaka (Japan); Megumi Nogochi (Canada); Janice Rahn (Canada); Misha ‘Streetrock’ (Russia); Khayne Tan (Singapore); Miles Van Yperen (Canada); John Oreshik (Canada); Erwin Weber (The Netherlands); Nick Louma (Canada); Dan ‘Wavedog’ Fenelon (United States); Keeley Carrigan (United States); Jason Kochis (United States); Will Osler (Canada); Michael Campbell (Canada); Jenn Rourke (Canada); Jeff Orriss (Canada); Chris Ryniak (United States); Barbara Warren (Canada); Lana Ing Gabor (Canada); Brent Nolasco (United States); Ian Bickley (UK); David K. Rose (United States); Bil Betsovic (United States); Sol Nte ‘Figurepunk’ (UK); Bo Ye (China); Erin and Kelly Carty (Canada); Anna Puchalski ‘Angel Devil’ (United States); Darren Booth (Canada); Devon Bowman (Canada); Wendy June (Australia); Jennifer Kellogg (United States); Matt ‘Mother’ Connelly (United States); PlaysKewl (The Netherlands); Attila Adorjany (Canada); Troy Denning (United States); Leila Armstrong (Canada); Bunka (France); Ted Stilson (Canada).

VA “Limited Edition” show – sneak peek

Here's a little sneak peek at Anna - MonstaFaktory's entry for our upcoming show entitled, "Limited Edition - A show benefiting endangered species". limitededitionvatt.jpg ttfinishedshot.jpg Pretty snazzy and now with 100% more chin-strap ;) For more info on the VA show and how to get involved, go HERE

VA news reader Widget

After a request on the forum, a VA newsreader widget has been created :) The widget is a MAC only dashboard widget. It's a basic widget that reads the RSS feed and gives a list of links to the latest news posts, it's just a test widget until I create a better widget with scrolling news and image support. You can download it HERE Cheers, Stu//unsungzero