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PatchTogether x Okkle – Skonk

. We at Patch Together teamed up with OKKLE, a UK artist and well known for his outstanding customs to bring you one of his characters the "SKONK". Available now for preorder to stores/wholesale only. If we'll reach a minimum quantity of 5 orders (each 10 units per colorway) we will start production and bring this character to life as a 6 inch figure made of resin. preorders, prices and requests for other colorways trough note: Nocturnal SKONK colorway already reserved.
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Designed by Okkle Size: 6 inch Medium: Resin About the artist: Animator and games designer by day, artist and toy customiser by night, Okkle is a UK based artist born and bred in the West Midlands. Influenced by video games, art toys, saturday morning cartoons, sugary foods and nature. His art aims to celebrate the wildlife around the world and it's wonderful diversity and down right wierdness. About Skonk: The Skonk is a rather unfortunate creature, it's closest cousin is the skunk, a creature known for it's ability to project a foul odour onto it's enemy.The Skonk however is unable to control it's foul odour, instead it constantly seeps out from it's tail, so much so that over the years it starts to condense and coat the hairs on the end of it's tail and slowly form a thick gooey liquid coating. This goo is incredibly sticky and near impossible to remove once stuck to anything. Skonks live in burrows in woodlands or grassy plains. Their burrows are easy to spot due to the terrible odour permeating from them and mounds of berry skins and nut shells scattered around.

PATCH TOGETHER – Sad Dragon preorder

PATCH TOGETHER offers the SAD DRAGON on demand - which is again a collaboration work of Ralph Ferres (sketch) and ViseOne/Wolfgang Ohlig (Illustration). The SAD DRAGON comes around 8inches and is available for preorder NOW


Following is the current lineup for the RoboLucha custom show by PatchTogether. The show will start around august/september 2009. Expect pics and news of customs to follow soon :] Check out the lineup after the jump.. 2PETALROSE 64 COLORS ALEX DRIL CATHERINE J. CRUZ-KOSITANONT CHAUSKOSKIS COLLIN DAVID CRIS ROSE DAS MO Dli$h JOHN „SPANKY“ STOKES JONPAULKAISER LYSOL MEKAZOO MIKE SLOBOT NANAN1 OKKLE OWEN DEWITT PHU! RIO MCCARTHY RUSTEDHALO TAMMY TAN-KI TOM TORREY TYLER „MUTTtoy“ VISEone

PatchTogether – Anya Katsukova

Anya Katsukova Anya fled with her family to this country while she was still small after civil unrest in her own. She is studying to become a doctor, and is currently a nurse underneath the guidance of Doctor Blythe. She's very dedicated to her work and is always concerned about the health of those around her. Anya statues are now up for preorder at PATCH TOGETHER. Standing around 8" tall, Anya is the female protagonist from the popular webcomic The Phoenix Requiem by Arts Angel / Sarah Ellerton Hit the jump for more pics of the sculpt..

PatchTogether – Robolucha released

Robolucha is the first robotic Mexican wrestler. Concept is influenced by the clothing style of the lucha libres. Robolucha have 2 faces, you can change face appearance by turning his head. Get ready to rumble !!! Designed by Mekazoo and available now at Patch Together limited 300 per colorway! Height: 6 inch Colour: Yellow/Black, Red/Blue, Orange/Grey Regular Price: $45 Sale Price: $35