VANNEN Watches – Tristan Eaton x Breaking Bad

Tristan Eaton‘s “Contaminant” watch – inspired by “Breaking Bad” and in conjunction with the BreakingGifs art project – goes on sale Thursday at midnight EST at Vannen Watches

Designed by Munny & Dunny creator and Thunderdog Studios founder Tristan Eaton, the “Contaminant” watch features artwork inspired by “Fly”, Episode 10 from Season 3. The attention to detail on this watch would make Walt proud… from the perfect measurement markings on the band and the pressure gauge face to the custom Heisenberg skull-and-crossbones engraving on the back to that damn fly printed inside the glass, this watch is a must-have for all fans of this award-winning show.

Limited to only 200 pieces, the “Contaminant” watch is part of the “Breaking Gifs” art project and will retail for only $80 each. Cheaper than Blue Sky and considerably better for you, the “Contaminant” watch will be available starting Thursday, August 2nd at midnight EST, only at VannenWatches.

Review: TADO x MATHMOS Chuppi

It’s review time and we’re reviewing the new TADO x MATHMOS Chuppi customisable toy/night-light.


  • 1 x Chuppi
  • 2 x Sticker Sheets
  • 1 x Charging Base
  • 1 x Charger [and the required adapter depending on country]

Right out of the box Chuppi is a sizeable little fella at approx 8″ tall.  Upon taking Chuppi from it’s box I was quite surprised at how light it was; yet it’s sturdy enough as to not fall over from the slightest bump.

Chuppi comes with 2 sticker sheets with 18 stickers for you to play with.  The box and instructions show 18 faces you can create as designed by TADO, or you can mix and match to create thousands of possible faces.

I wasted no time in attempting to recreate the face of Wario on my Chuppi (as can be seen below).

I plonked my newly dubbed Wario-Chuppi onto it’s charging station fora while whilst I waited for night time.  On the underside of Chuppi is a single button which is used to activate the various light modes; a single press sets it to cycle through a rainbow of colours, pressing it a second time sets it to solid blue, a third time sets it to red and a fourth and final time sets it to green.

Each colour was vibrant and also provided an ambient glow.  By default, after 30 minutes Chuppi will graduaully fade until it goes off, this setting can be changed by holding the button down (for 3 seconds) until the underside red LED goes off.

PLUS: Vibrancy/Range of Colours, Endless possibilities with stickers/customization, Portable, Sleep Timer, Charging Station, Rechagrable

MINUS: Would’ve been nice to be able to pause mid colourcycle / greater choice of light colour.

I highly reccomend picking up a Chuppi from MATHMOS, they’re awesome little toys with some added functionality that will especially be appreciated if you have kids that are afraid of the dark.  The ease of use, portablity and the fun that can be had customising your Chuppi makes them a more than worthwhile purchase.


Big thanks to Emma / Miss Cakehead of Stay Puft for providing us with a Chuppi to review :]

Mugo + Kung Fu Panda

The Mugo + Kung Fu Panda 2 collaboration is here. This is the first themed series for Mugo, which will be comprised of four characters from the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie which hits theaters May 26th. If you haven’t seen a Mugo before the functions are quite simple and fun.

The first to be revealed is of the main character Po from the film series. For more information and character reveals, go to www.mugoplayer.com. Expect these to drop in late May for just $54.99.

Toy Break 164: Blame The Horsemen

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Show Notes – This week we have The Star Wars Craft Book, Puppy Cow, Mr. Brain Freeze, and much more! Reheat some pizza and join us for a Toy Break!

Play Imaginative & Devilrobots’ Supporto-fu

Sacred Trip @ Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery is hosting Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez’s Sacred Trip solo show this Friday at their space in Hollywood.

“The sacred trip, the light and the darkness. Look up the universe’s mysterious unknown. Nothing is like it seems. What is outside is inside, what is inside is outside.”

Sacred Trip” opens January 21st 2011, from 7-11 PM, and runs through February 19th.

ToyBreak – Episode 149: To The Internet!

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Show Notes – Join us for Aquaman vs Mer-Man, a giant LEGO minifig head, PatchTogether plush, and more! Butter those noodles and join us for a Toy Break!

Lindsey Kuhn’s Destroyrrr X is coming to.. DESTROY YOU!

Destroyrrr X is a new series of hand-painted resin robots designed by silkscreen artist Lindsey Kuhn. Standing nearly 9-inches tall and wide Destroyrrr X weighs in at a whopping four pounds of pure resin!
Each figure is hand painted, signed and numbered on the bottom of the foot and carefully packaged into a silk screened box. A three color 12×12 inch signed and numbered print by Kuhn is also included.

The first edition is limited to 50 figures worldwide. An edition of 25 identical Destroyrrr’s and 6-7 small variant editions will be available.

A lot of love and attention has clearly gone into the creation of each Destroyrrr figure. With each one coming with a signed and numbered print, you really do get an amazing package for your dollar. Each colourway stands out as an individual character in it’s own right ( I personally love the skeletor-esque 1.6 variant ).

Hopefully we’ll see some chrome, clear plastic and GID finishes for the next wave of Destroyrrrs or once the current figures get in the hands of Matt Walker, Mark Nagata et. all

Lindsey Kuhn, has been printing since 1984, helping revive the lost art of the Rock Poster in the 90′s. He has continued to create and print his own posters for 19 years keeping his D.I.Y. ethic alive by printing his own work as well as other artists through his print company called SWAMP and Conspiracy skateboards, his independent skateboard company now located in Denver, Colorado.

Lindsey was also recently featured/interviewed in the documentary, American Artifact; which is an awesome insight into the world of American rock poster art of the last half a century.

Coarse Toys – eyes of fear 1:1 paw! bust

Chaos pours into the eyes of paw! His soul becomes one with the savage nature that surrounds him and the powerless noop. Once, he was free - a creature of survival. But now his thoughts are trapped in a spiral of agony, he longs to release himself from these unnatural emotions. His inward battle will determine the outcome of his forsaken incident. One final sacrifice must be made.

High gloss fiberglass bust -27’’[67 cm] Figure sculpture - Limited to 200 pcs
Includes and a signed certificate of originality and one family and friends application card.
HK$ 4,588 (Approx £370) [includes global shipping]

New from COARSE is this new life-size paw!  Reflecting the turmoil experienced in his concluding moments. Bring the monkey-rabbit into your home to gauge the depth of this volatile creature, an extraordinary and one off coarse creation. Brought to life by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk.

Includes the 1:1 paw! in sheer intensity. This giant piece is hand crafted, and comes as 4 parts completed in a high gloss coat and lined with a soft felt base. Securely shipped between sponge halves, in a 4 tone printed premium cardboard box.

On sale at the coarse online store , December 8, 2010 - 11 pm Hong Kong time [05 pm Berlin, 11 am New York].

Eyes of Fear – 1:1 noop and paw! busts by coarse

The first of the two time-shifted releases showcases a 1:1 fibreglass noop head, in the classic pain colour palette, finished in a shimmering high gloss coat. For the first time, these exhibition-calibre pieces are available for public purchase, a one off opportunity.

Following the traditional bust sculpture format, this latest portrayal captures a dramatic moment at the end of the noop’s life, as blood runs down his chin and onto his chest. His drained existence is accentuated by sunken features and lifeless colours. A distinctive coarse creation.

Its impressive 20” (51 cm) height makes the noop bust a one of a kind, eye catching piece of art. Every one is hand crafted, finished in high gloss and lined with a soft felt base. They are safely shipped individually in styrofoam and protected in a 4-tone printed, supreme cardboard box. Each bust also includes a signed certificate of originality and one family and friends application card.

Those who pick up this full release will already have 2 of 3 family and friends application cards, just one step away from being a coarse family and friends member. coarse family and friends membership gives you priority access at coarse hkg – including bookings, simplified access to limited releases and other advantages based on availability.

coarse guarantees that every noop bust customer will have access to purchase the giant 27” (69 cm) paw! bust, to be released December 8 this year.

Eyes of Fear – 1:1 noop bust
Available October 14, 2010 at www.coarsehkg.com.
HK$ 4,388 includes global shipping (roughly £350)

For more details visit coarse at www.coarselife.com

*Update* – On sale at coarse hkg, October 14, 2010
11 pm Hong Kong time [05 pm Berlin, 11 am New York, 08 am Los Angeles]

Absolutely stunning pieces (as usual) from Coarse, that high gloss finish is delicious.   I’m actually contemplating selling a chunk of my collection to make room for these beasts and I can hardly wait to see who the first crazy person is that decides to customise one (or both) of these, and then proceed to ask “Why?!”.

Expect a very excited unboxing post/video should I manage to get my hands on one, I imagine these will sell out pretty fast, even with the high price tag :]

The D in Droplet – Gordon’s Gin Parody

The D in Droplet – A Gordon’s Gin parody from JamFactory on Vimeo.

After seeing the beautiful slow motion masterpiece that is the Gordon’s Gin advert.  I thought a Droplet-based parody had to be made and with the help of my friends, here it is!

It involved 3 people standing on chairs, on the rooftop of Aardman, whilst I was on my knees and they poured fake ice, water and Droplets on my head whilst the order of sequence was shouted off camera! – All in all a great way to spend the night!

You can watch a behind the scene vid here, pretty sure the ice and droplets didn’t feel too good on Gavin‘s head but the end outcome is awesome :]

Gun Loco: play as characters by Kenny Wong!

“At the farthest reaches of the solar system, a collection of the craziest criminals in the universe are incarcerated on a remote prison planet with no walls and forgotten by society. In this long-abandoned world, the only rule is anarchy, as each faction fights in a bloodthirsty race for survival, power and freedom. Through several seven climate zones and numerous stylized maps, players must fight through the ruins of the world’s previous civilizations, taking on each region’s inmates in a frantic and frenetic struggle to survive.”

Gun Loco is a new third-person team based shooter from Square Enix.  In the game, players can choose from one of eight distinct characters; from a green afro’d ninja to the bunny headed badass ‘Mifune’.   The awesome thing is that all the characters in the game are based upon figures by Kenny Wong which were painstakingly crafted by hand, each comic caricature has been designed from scratch as a real, posable action figure in the Brothersworker vein before being digitally scanned into the game.

The gameplay could best be described as a wacky cross between Team Fortress 2 and Mirrors Edge, which sees players running, gunning, ducking and weaving through desolate terrain whilst shooting the crap out of each other.  Successfully killing an enemy sees them reduced to piles of toy parts, quite a cool little detail.

Pretty awesome, now if only I could get that Mifune dude as a real figure :]